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Promoting stability in Lebanon through community engagement and dialogue

17/09/2020 - 12:25

This project aims at improving the effectiveness, transparency and accountability of the Lebanese security system to fulfil its role in line with the rule of law.


Budget: € 2,500,000
Location: Lebanon, North Beeka Valley
Date of project: 2017-2019
Implementing Partner: AKTIS Strategy and then B&S Europe

Distrust between citizens and security forces prevent security institutions from effectively understanding the relationship between citizens’ perceptions of security and stability at the local level.

In Lebanon, the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) regularly provides humanitarian assistance, and the Internal Security Forces (ISF) has started conducting community outreach in recent years. Notwithstanding these efforts, regional and local challenges manifested by the Syrian crisis, sectarian tensions and the rise of extremist groups have limited their capacity to directly and tangibly engage with communities in particularly unstable areas.


  • Improve the effectiveness, transparency and accountability of the Lebanese security system to fulfil its role in line with rule of law principles
  • Promote dialogue between security actors and civil society on security issues


  • Security agencies
  • Local civil society groups


  • Capacity Development of Security Actors and Civil Society through targeted education, mentoring and training on working together around key security aspects relevant to local communities.
  • Plan and Deliver Stabilisation Projects through a collaborative approach between security and civil society actors. Designing and delivering small scale stabilisation projects to build reciprocal confidence and trust, and help address humanitarian and development priorities.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Stabilisation Projects. Training to security and civil society actors on how to conduct Monitoring and Evaluation of these projects,  and ensure best impact.
  • Establish and Strengthen Coordination Mechanisms that brings together local security actors, community-based organizations (CBOs) and local authorities to address security issues in the communities.


  • Security actors adopt effective community engagement approaches and tools, building trust between them and the communities
  • Introduction of inclusive dialogue and oversight mechanisms

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