Delegation of the European Union to Myanmar


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The EU’s external policies, strategies, instruments and missions to support stability, promote human rights and democracy, seek to spread prosperity and support the enforcement of the rule of law and good governance.

The EU is active in a wide range of topics, from human rights to transport and trade. A list of topics which summarise what the EU does in a specific area, useful links to relevant bodies, laws and documents.

The EU seeks to ensure coherence between actions supported by bilateral programmes and projects financed under thematic or regional instruments.


The European Union has been at the forefront of the international community's re-engagement with Myanmar as it has advanced on its path of reforming and opening up to the world.

The signing of the Paris Agreement in New York on Friday 22 April 2016 will be a historic event and an important step towards implementing the world's first global climate deal. HRVP Federica Mogherini and Climate Action and Energy Commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete issued a joint op-ed on the EU's ambitious action against climate change.

La libération de 69 manifestants étudiants, qui étaient maintenus en détention depuis plus d’un an, montre clairement que le nouveau gouvernement du Myanmar est attaché au respect des droits de l’homme et des libertés fondamentales. L’Union européenne a suivi ces affaires avec une grande attention et a assisté régulièrement aux audiences au titre de son engagement en faveur des droits de l’homme. Nous espérons que tous les prisonniers politiques encore détenus seront libérés et totalement réhabilités.