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EU Aid Volunteers making a difference in cyclone-hit areas in Mozambique

15/07/2019 - 12:08
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EU Aid Volunteers making a difference in cyclone-hit areas in Mozambique

Mozambique was hit by two tropical cyclones earlier this year, leaving hundreds of thousands of people vulnerable and important infrastructure destroyed particularly in the central and northern regions. A wave of solidarity has come from many parts of the world, with the European Union and its member states responding immediately to government  and public calls for assistance, through ECHO efforts and other coordinated mechanisms.

In the field, a group of EU Aid Volunteers in Mozambique have been providing humanitarian assistance in the affected areas, working on the response to people´s needs and helping with the resilience of local communities.

At a meeting with the EU Ambassador Antonio Sanchez-Benedito Gaspar, the volunteers spoke of their experiences, particularly on supporting the communities in terms of education, water, hygiene and sanitation services, reconstruction of resilient houses, small farming, environmental protection, and on interacting with the local authorities.

Based in different locations throughout Mozambique, the EU Aid volunteers are involved in the construction of emergency toilets, distribution of water purification filters and hygiene kits, benefiting more than 3600 families in Manica province alone. In parallel, the EU Aid Volunteers run an awareness campaign on preventing diseases such as cholera and malaria, and promoting personal hygiene.

The EU Ambassador praised their work and highlighted EU solidarity with the people of Mozambique both on the emergency response as well as in the reconstruction efforts underway, for which the EU confirmed in May´s Donors Conference a contribution of EUR 200 Million.

The European Union Volunteers Initiative complements wider EU humanitarian assistance in the field, strengthening the resilience and capacity of local communities. The initiative reflects the European Union’s commitment to meeting the current challenges and is closely aligned with wider efforts for development assistance in partner countries.

During the period 2016-2020, 4000 volunteers are being deployed by humanitarian organisations to contribute to projects worldwide. In Mozambique, EU Aid Volunteers´ initiative is coordinated by WeWorld-GVC, an independent organization, and the German Red Cross.

To know more, see the latest EU Aid Volunteers factsheet.

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