Delegation of the European Union to Mozambique


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Maputo, 8 Novembro 2019 – A Missão de Observação Eleitoral da União Europeia (MOE UE) iniciou as suas actividades em Moçambique a 31 de Agosto de 2019 e destacou 170 observadores para o dia eleitoral. Os observadores permaneceram no país até ao fim do processo de apuramento de resultados distritais e provinciais. Após a Declaração Preliminar, emitida pela MOE UE a 17 de Outubro contendo as suas constatações até ao dia eleitoral, a missão passa a comunicar as seguintes observações.

Maputo, 8 November 2019 - The European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) initiated its activities in Mozambique on 31 August 2019 and deployed 170 observers for election day. Observers remained in the country until the completion of the district and provincial tabulation of results. Following the Preliminary Statement, issued by the EU EOM on 17 October with the findings observed up until election day, the mission is now communicating its further findings.

Freedom of expression, in all its forms, is the very essence of democracy. Only with a thriving, free and independent media landscape, we can hold governments, businesses and society at large accountable. And precisely for this fundamental right, far too often, journalists and media workers are attacked, persecuted, harassed, or intimidated for carrying out their work. Most journalists are not wounded in the heat of war coverage, but suffer violence in our immediate surroundings. In 2018 alone, 94 journalists and media staff were killed in work-related incidents as reported by the International Federation of Journalists. Hundreds more have been subjected to arbitrary arrest or detention without ever having been tried in a court.

On 24 October we celebrate the laying of the first stone of the most universal multilateral project in history: the United Nations.


Statement by the Spokesperson on the General and Provincial elections in Mozambique



Well-organised voting preceded by a campaign marred by violence, limitations to fundamental freedoms and doubts about the quality of the voter register


Maputo, 17 October 2019


Well-organised voting preceded by a campaign marked by violence, limitation to fundamental freedoms and doubts about the quality of voter register


Votação bem organizada precedida por uma campanha marcada por violência, limitações às liberdades fundamentais e dúvidas sobre a qualidade do recenseamento eleitoral


Maputo, 17 Outubro 2019