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Europe Day Celebrations in Mozambique

31/05/2018 - 11:24
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The Delegation organized again a series of events to celebrate Europe Day in Mozambique.

The Delegation organized again a series of events to celebrate Europe Day in Mozambique.

Apart from our 9th  May diplomatic reception where Mozambique most renowned  opera singers Stella Mendonca and Sonia Mocumbi masterfully interpreted the Ode to Joy to the delight of the enchanted audience we held a full-day event with live jazz, DJs, culinary feasts, sports and fun activities for children on Sunday 13th  May at the French School in Maputo. The highlight clearly was a football tournament between four teams from the Government, Parliament, EU diplomats and Journalists, with Parliament taking the first prize and diplomats, of course, only being the runner up.

On the 17th May our Ambassador spoke about Europe and its current challenges to students of the Portuguese School in Maputo where he was received with a recital of our European anthem beautifully performed by the school's orchestra.

On that same day we also presented at the Headquarters of the National Union of Journalists the awards of the Investigative Journalism Competition on Human Rights, launched this year for the first time by the Delegation to encourage Mozambican journalists to inform the public about the importance of respecting human rights. The first prize went to Armando Nhantumbo for his great article "The sad faith of a people cursed by rubies", in which he denounces the violation of human rights in the exploitation of rubies in the district of Montepuez in Cabo Delgado province.

As part of our well-known commitment to the promotion Mozambican culture, we also supported for the first time AZGO, Mozambique's most important music festival for the first time. Several thousands of music lovers and party goers crowded the Eduardo Mondlane University campus where thanks to EU support, Portugual's top rap singer Valete was able to perform. With the aim of bringing the music to all, the Delegation also offered on its Facebook page 15 tickets. The 8th Azgo Festival took place from 16th to 19th May and included workshops, exhibitions, children's activities to which we also actively participated as well as the much awaited concert on 19th May with stellar performances by 20 national and international artists. The EU presence at the festival was very strong with an EU lounge area where people could rest in-between concerts and a photo booth for people to take a picture as a souvenir.

The concert started with a skydiving performance in the late afternoon, with our Ambassador, together with two fellow skydivers, proudly displaying the EU flag while circling through the sky before landing right in front of the orange-clouded stage.  

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