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Assistance from Spain in the electronic fiscalisation of the tax system

26/10/2018 - 15:14
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Podgorica, 26 October – In the framework of the twinning project "Tax Administration Support", a seminar was organised in which Spain’s tax administration system for the direct collection of data from taxpayers’ invoices was presented to Montenegrin tax administration officials. This was done as part of the activities on the introduction of an electronic fiscalisation system in Montenegro.

The system was presented by the representative of the Tax Administration Department of Spain, Inspector Isabel Taboada Foradada.

Opening the event, the Director of the Montenegrin Tax Administration, Miomir M. Mugosa, reminded that the project of electronic fiscalisation launched in Montenegro requires exceptional preparedness and commitment from all stakeholders, especially the Ministry of Finance and Tax Administration. He pointed out that, for certain segments of the project, comparative experiences from the region cannot be used, as in the case of establishing a system for data transport related to non-cash payments.

Bearing in mind that the Tax Administration of Spain has been using this particular model for the past year, Mugosa said that their experience would be extremely important in the activities that follow the electronic fiscalisation project, such as: completion of the legislative framework, preparation of the technical and functional specifications and preparations for the practical application of the new system.

During the seminar, the representative of the Tax Administration of Spain presented a legislative framework that stipulates the introduction of a system for the direct transmission of data, the technical aspects of the system, the instruments designed to provide support for taxpayers in accessing the functionalities of the system, as well as the timeframe and other experiences from the practical application of the new system.

The project "Tax Administration Support" is the first twinning project of the Tax Administration of Montenegro, which will contribute to the further harmonisation of national taxation legislation with the EU acquis, the building of the administrative capacities of the Tax Administration, and preparation for establishing interconnectivity and interoperability with the EU systems. The project, implemented by FIIAPP, within which the twinning partners are the Tax Administration of Montenegro and the Tax Administration of Spain, is worth one million euros, with a contribution from the EU of €900,000.00, while Montenegro’s contribution is €100,000.00.


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