Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro


29/03/2019 - 15:46
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Diplomatic Representatives from EU member states and the EU Ambassador in Montenegro, Aivo Orav, visited Berane. During the meeting with the representatives of the Municipality, they discussed the EU projects in Berane, the Municipality’s progress, and also the challenges that the city is facing. Ambassador Orav explained to journalists that this visit is part of traditional activities dedicated to the EU values and the promotion investments across Montenegro. 

“We had a very good meeting with the representatives of the Municipality. There are a few keywords that are very important for the EU, like the fight against corruption and the fight against organised crime. I heard from the Mayor that in this Municipality there is zero tolerance towards corruption,” Orav said to the media. 

Mayor Dragoslav Scekic said that they are proud that Europe is present in Berane on this day. He thanked the EU diplomatic Representatives from Great Britain, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Greece, Slovenia, and Italy for visiting the city.   

“It is a great pleasure to host Ambassador Orav and other Diplomatic Representatives today in Berane. They are our close friends, who proved their interests by financing so many important projects in Berane. It was important for us to have the opportunity to exchange views and present all challenges that the authorities of the Municipality are dealing with. Such constructive dialog proved that we are understood by our dear guests,” said Mayor Scekic.

The EU invested €14 million in Berane, financing projects in the area of tourism, environmental protection, entrepreneurship, culture and cross border cooperation. 

“We will continue to do our job responsibly and, as we pointed out earlier, we will continue to have zero tolerance towards corruption here in Berane. We will not allow any changes in that matter, we will do the exact opposite in fact – we will improve in that area so the city can continue to develop, and we expect support from the State, as well,” Scekic said.

The EU Ambassadors and the Municipality Delegation visited the photo exhibition “EU-MNE: Lasting Partnership,” which presents the results of EU’s assistance to Montenegro in the last 20 years.

 “I am glad that in front of the Municipality building you can see photo exhibitions related to EU’s assistance to Montenegro. This assistance is more than €35 million per year. I very much hope that this financial assistance, together with very good homework by Montenegro, will bring your country to the EU as soon as possible,” concluded Orav.

Photo exhibitions are presented in front of the Municipality building in Berane and will be opened on 9 April.

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