Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro

Support to Public Administration Reform

07/11/2017 - 00:00

As part of EU support for public administration reform in Montenegro, the European Commission adopted today an Annual Action Programme for year 2017, part 2. Under this programme, Montenegro will receive €15 million in funding, including €3 million for technical assistance.

The general objective of this programme is to contribute to sustainable growth and to improve competitiveness through the creation of a more transparent, efficient and service-oriented public administration. This will be done by supporting the implementation of the Public Administration Reform Strategy 2016-2020. The programme supports a mix of actions both at policy level and with a clear impact on citizens' life, long-term reforms and quick-win reforms, in order to keep momentum and motivation in the implementation of the reform.

Montenegro is at a crucial point in its EU accession process and the successful implementation of a public administration reform (PAR) is a key enabler to the achievement of further progress. Montenegro needs to undertake structural changes in the public administration and to put in place a reform agenda which contributes to fiscal consolidation, especially if the current level of pressure on spending persists into the next years. This means that the reform of the public administration will not only have to increase the performance of the public sector but it will also have to improve accountability and value for money. The focus will have to be on the optimization of the number of the employees in the public sector, by strengthening the capacities to fulfil the obligations arising by the EU integration process and by reinforcing merit-based recruitment, which is important in terms of transparency and public confidence in the civil service.


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