Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro

EU donation of a multifunctional robotic system for protection and rescue actions

24/11/2021 - 15:08
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A multifunctional robotic system for protection and rescue actions was promoted in Podgorica this system was procured with the support of the European Union within the project "TO BE READY" and funded under the IPA INTERREG Cross-border Cooperation Programme between Italy, Montenegro and Albania.

The value of the robotic system is €950,000. It has multiple purposes for the needs of the protection and rescue system, it can be used for protection and rescue actions in case of technical-technological hazards, i.e. large-scale fires in production plants, in the case of traffic accidents, chemical-biological hazards, the removal of mines and explosives, as well as during natural disasters. The use of such systems significantly increases the safety of rescuers, thus saving their lives.

Yngve Engstrom, Head of Cooperation Sector in the EU Delegation to Montenegro, said that the EU's cross-border programmes are designed to support the local population and promote common European values of trust, mutual respect and cooperation. “Natural disasters know no borders. People and the economies greatly suffer from the consequences of floods and fires in the region. This is why risk management and civil protection should be tackled by neighbours jointly. The project is therefore not only creating new knowledge, it is creating bonds and solidarity across the region. And this is the number one value of EU funded programmes. The European Union is the leading global actor pushing for a green agenda, fighting climate change as well as preventing and mitigating disasters. We will also continue funding projects in Montenegro in this area,” Engstrom pointed out.

Zoran Miljanic, State Secretary at the Ministry of Interior, emphasised his satisfaction with the improvement of the Montenegrin system with this specialised type of equipment, which is a confirmation that the Ministry of Interior is following modern developments in the protection and rescue system. "Apart from the functional importance of this equipment, I want to emphasise another, equally important dimension, and that is regional cooperation," he explained, adding that Montenegro confirms that it is a credible partner to European partners in the implementation of such projects and other similar ones.


Luca Zelioli, Ambassador of the Republic of Italy to Montenegro, said that the project TO BE READY is implemented in the Republic of Italy - in the regions of Molise and Pula, Montenegro and the Republic of Albania, and that the project aims to strengthen cross-border cooperation in preventing natural disasters and other accidents. He thanked the Ministry of Interior for its active role in the project and emphasised that joint work is necessary in order to achieve their goal, which is the protection of human lives.

The total value of the project is €5,893,687, for which the European Union contribution amounts to 85% of the total project costs. The project budget for Montenegro is €1,216,500.

The TO BE READY project is implemented in the Republic of Italy - in the regions of Molise and Puglia, Montenegro and the Republic of Albania. It is implemented by the Region of Molise (lead partner), the Department of Civil Protection of the Region of Puglia, the Directorate for the Protection and Rescue of Montenegro, and the Ministry of Defense Albania. The Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Albania is an associate partner. The aim of the project is to strengthen cross-border cooperation in preventing the risk of natural and other disasters.

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