Delegation of the European Union to Mongolia

Improving resource-efficiency and cleaner production in the Mongolian construction sector through materials recovery

14/11/2020 - 08:35
Environment and Climate Action

The overall objective is to contribute to poverty reduction and mitigation of climate change in Mongolia

Total cost: EUR 1,366,891

EU contracted: EUR 1,093,513

Duration: 01/03/2016 to 15/07/2020     

Implementing organizations: Caritas Czech Republic (coordinator), Mongolian National Recycling Association, Mongolian University of Science and Technology and Delft University of Technology (co-applicants)

Benefitting zone: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Overall objective:

To contribute to poverty reduction and mitigation of climate change in Mongolia.

Specific objective:

To promote sustainable production and consumption in the construction sector, through supporting SMEs to switch to more resource-efficient practices

Expected results:

1. Key stakeholders in construction sector are prepared to adopt sustainable CDW management practices

2. A CDW-based product has been tested, verified in terms of economic feasibility, approved and prepared for commercial production

3. Awareness of the advantages of CDW-based products has been raised among SMEs and state administration bodies

4. The legal framework is more conducive to sustainable CDW management

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