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2019 European Union Visitors Programme – Submissions of applications are now open

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Deadline for applications is 10 April 2019. Any application received after the deadline will not be considered. A final selection by a Brussels panel and selection results are usually available by the end of the year.

What is the EUVP?

The EUVP is jointly sponsored and administered by the European Parliament and the European Commission. It has been in operation since 1974.

The European Union Visitors Programme (EUVP) is an individual study programme for promising young leaders, politicians, staffers, diplomats and opinion moulders from countries outside the European Union (EU) to visit Brussels, Strasbourg and EU capitals.

The programme would run for a period from one to two weeks in order to gain a better understanding of the values, policies, and functioning of the EU while meeting with high decision makers from the EU institutions.


Who is eligible to participate?

Politicians, such as members of national and regional Parliaments, party officials and advisers to politicians.

Government/Parliamentary officials. In particular those exercising responsibility in areas of special relevance to the EU.

Media. In particular those exercising an editorial function in areas of special relevance to the EU (e.g. as Foreign Editor or Political Correspondent of national newspaper or Editor of regional newspaper, radio or TV Current Affairs Producer/Presenter, etc.).

Academics/Think-tanks. In particular those responsible for teaching or researching in the fields of EU/international affairs.

Civil society actors/Trade unionists. Such as human rights activists, women's rights defenders, environmentalists, trade unionists (in particular those exercising a national responsibility in the field of international relations), etc.

Other: Private sector lawyers, industrialists, bankers, etc. are not considered eligible as EUVP participants, except where they exercise responsibility and influence outside the confines of an individual company (e.g. as a Member of a national commission or Chamber of Commerce, Human Rights activists, etc.).

The EUVP is not open for students. Participants are required to have completed their university education or equivalent training and to have been employed for several years in their chosen career/field.

EUVP participants should be fluent in at least one of the EU languages.

Basic knowledge of the EU Institutions and their functioning is welcomed.

EUVP participant should in their mid-twenties to mid-forties and have career-related interests in the European Union.


How are participants selected?

First selection of candidates is made by the Delegation of the European Union to Mongolia. The final decision is taken by the EUVP Steering Committee in Brussels in September-November. Normally 2 persons are selected from Mongolia.

When would the Program take place?

Travel will then take place in 2019 (the precise date is selected by the participant from the offered list (3-4 dates per month during the year).

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How to apply?

Please complete the following forms and send only by e-mail to

and clearly indicate EUVP application form as a subject of the email no later than deadline 10  April 2019 The Application should include 1) a detailed CV 2) an application form and 3)  a letter.

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