Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova

REQUEST FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST: Residence for the Ambassador of the EU Delegation



Residence for the Ambassador of the EU Delegation

The Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova is looking for a residence for our Ambassador. We are interested in renting or buying a property with the following requirements:

Size and Location

The total residence surface required should be between 400-500 m².

Not included in this figure are:

  • Terrace, balcony, garden, open car-port and open parking spaces.

It could be a stand-alone, a detached or a semi-detached residence; the EU Delegation is prepared to consider all options.

Ideally, the property should be located in Centru or in Buiucani. It is essential that the residence is easily accessible; therefore, residences which are located on roads which are dead-end streets, one-way streets or other locations with restricted access will be considered least favourable. 

The residence must have a location with a good visibility and present an appropriate representative image. This property should meet the European Union's requirements, concerning quality of construction, space, security and location. It should be ideally located close to other member states residences and distance to local ministries should be short.

General state of the residence

The general state of the property should ideally meet the following requirements:

Reception area:

-         The entrance hall and reception area should provide sufficient space for official receptions for at least 50 guests;
-         Dining room for at least 16 people and should be close to the kitchen
-         The kitchen area should be suitable for the size and the function of the residence;
-         Minimum 1 Toilet.

Private area:

The private accommodation should be separate from, and if possible independent of the reception area and should have as a minimum the following rooms:

  • a master bedroom;
  • 4/5 bedrooms for children and dependents;
  • a guest room;
  • living room;
  • Kitchen;
  • one or more bathrooms;
  • equipment rooms;
  • a garage or a car port.

Other requirements:

  • The property should be in a good condition of maintenance so that no improvement or repair work is needed.
  • If fitting-out works are to be carried out, the preferred option is by the owner of the property rather than fitting out by the EU Delegation;
  • Appropriate heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system (HVAC) installed;
  • Parking spaces for at least 2 vehicles.

Submitted proposals should provide:

  • A full description of the lot and/or the existing building.
  • Spreadsheets of surfaces in square meters.
  • Copy of building, floor plan and the surrounding land and photos.
  • Detailed information on the construction proposal.
  • Information on rental and sale conditions, including rental price per square meter.
  • Contact details owner/real estate agent.

Estimated rental start date would be 1st of September 2021

For further information please send an e-mail to:

Interested parties are requested to send their proposal for appropriate premises by September 30th 2020 to:

The Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova

For the attention of the Head of Administration,

Mrs.Natalie Dolezalova.

12, Kogalniceanu Str.  MD - 2001 Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

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