Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova

EU announces upcoming programme "EU4MOLDOVA: Focal regions – EU for Cahul"

18/09/2019 - 12:00
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On 11 September representatives from the European Union Delegation to the Republic of Moldova, UNDP and UNICEF gathered in Cahul to discuss the upcoming programme "EU4MOLDOVA: Focal regions – EU for Cahul” with the mayor who was involved in the development of the programme, with city representatives, civil society representatives, and mayors of surrounding municipalities. Starting December 2019, the EU will invest 23 million EUR together with a co-funding of 0,5 million EUR  from UNDP to strengthen the economic, territorial and social cohesion in the area of Ungheni and Cahul (so called "focal-regions").


The programme will deliver inclusive, sustainable and integrated local socio-economic growth and will contribute to improving the standards of living of the citizens of the area. This will drastically reduce the rural-urban divide and achieve a balanced and long lasting socio-economic development.


The action will be implemented by UNDP and UNICEF, with EU Delegation overseeing all details. The programme is expected to start already in December 2019.


This initiative is part of the EU assistance package for the region, which will include support for the improvement of water and sanitation, fight against corruption, IT infrastructure and education, SME support and start-ups, as well gender equality, women’s empowerment and combating domestic violence. These actions will be implemented by various development partners (GIZ, SIDA, UN Women, KfW). 


The overall sum of assistance via this initiative will reach approximately 55 million EUR.





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