Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova

EU Information Centres and Euroclubs

15/03/2017 - 12:25

EU Information Centres and Euroclubs in the Republic of Moldova

In May 2011, the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova extended the European Union Information Centres (EUI) network in Moldova.

The Centres, opened and supported by the European Union (EU), aim to provide the Moldovan public with information and literature covering a wide range of areas, inter alia on EU programmes and instruments for European Neighbourhood Policy countries, including Moldova, EU legislation, business rules and, not least, culture.

To date, there are 12 EUIs, being opened in all main regions of Moldova: Balti (North), Chisinau (Center), Cahul (South), Comrat (UTA Gagauzia). The EUIs are hosted by the largest Universities from these regions, the address and contact details are presented below.

For future, the EU Delegation to Moldova intends to extend the EUIs network, thus being ensured, at the widest level, the free access of the Moldovan public at the information and literature on EU.

Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova

Scientific Library, Block C, Ground Floor, Library Room “Paul Bran”
59, Banulescu-Bodoni Street
MD-2005 Chisinau
Tel: +(373 22) 40-29-65, 40-29-17

Coordinator: Silvia Ghinculov

Moldova State University

University Library, 

Block 4, 2nd floor
MD-2009 Chisinau, 60, A. Mateevici Street
Tel: +(373 22) 57-75-04

Coordinator: Ecaterina Zasmenco

State University of Medicine and Pharmacy "N. Testemitanu"

University Library
165, Stefan cel Mare Blvd
MD-2004, Chisinau
Tel: +(373 22) 20-55-53

Coordinator: Liubovi Carnaeva

Free International University of Moldova

University Library

52, Vlaicu Parcalab Street

MD-2012, Chisinau

Tel: +(373 22) 21-24-18 

Coordinator: Irina Cerneauscaite


“Alecu Russo” State University in Balti 

University Library
38, Pushkin Street
MD-2131, Balti
Tel: + (373-231) 5-24-45 

Coordinator: Valentina Topalo

“Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu” State University in Cahul

1, Independence Square

Block A, off. 114
MD-3901, Cahul
Tel: +(373-299) 2-15-84,

Coordinator: Vitalie Ponomariov

Comrat State University

University Library
17, Galatana Street
MD-3800, Comrat
Tel: +(373-298) 2-39-62

Coordinator: Vera Cimpoes

High School “Mihai Viteazu”

4, Gurie Grosu Street
MD-2028, Chisinau
Tel: +(373 22) 73-39-96 

Coordinator: Maria Diaconu 
E- mail:,

Junior Achievements Moldova

11/64B, A.Puschin/A. Șciusev Streets
MD-2012, Chisinau
Tel: +(373) 69370668
Coordinator: Gromov Veceslav

High School “Vasile Alecsandri”

13, Nationala Street
MD-3606, Ungheni
Tel: +(373 236) 2-29-65

Coordinator: Olga Budac

High School “Constantin Spataru”

54, Ştefan cel Mare Street
MD-6301, Leova
Tel: +(373 236)  2-34-55

Coordinator: Lina Codreanu

High School “Constantin Stere”

26, Dimitrie Cantemir Street
MD-3005, Soroca
Tel: +(373 239) 2-24-57  

Coordinator: Angela Bucataru, Vasile Baș

Public Library Telenesti "Vasile Alecsandri"

Telenești, str. V. Alecsandri 8

Public Library Telenesti „Vasile Alecsandri”

8, V. Alecsandri Street, Telenești,

Tel: (+373-258) 2-26-46

Coordinator: Furdui Maria     


Municipal Library Chisinau „B.P. Hasdeu”

148, Bd. Stefan cel Mare si Sfant, Chisinau,

Tel: (+373) 22 22 12 31/ 22 50 06

Coordinator: Elena Șendrea


Public Library Straseni „M. Sadoveanu”

37, M. Eminescu Street, Straseni

Tel: (+373-237) 2-22-44 / 2-27-67

Coordinator: Caitaz Dora


Public Library Hincesti „A. Plămădeală”

1, Mitropolit Varlaam Street, Hincesti,

Tel: (+373-269) 2-31-02

Coordinator: Neaga Tatiana


BPO Petre Ștefănucă Ialoveni

4, Stefan cel Mare Street, Ialoveni

Tel: (+373-268) 2-11-89/ 2-70-81/ 068881734

Coordinator: Maria Gîndea 


Public Library Cahul „Andrei Ciurunga”

2, Piaţa Independenţei, Cahul

Tel: (+373-299) 2-38-56 / 2-81-13

Coordinator: Rodica Dermenji


Municipal Public Library Riscani  

56, Independentei Street, Riscani

Tel: (+373-256) 2-49-61

Coordinator: Sacaliuc Galina 


Public Library Orhei ,,A. Donici”  

4, M. Eminescu Street, Orhei

Tel: (+373-235) 2-07-74 / 079697175

Coordinator: Lanovenco Tatiana       


State University of Tiraspol in Chisinau    

Chișinău, Str. Iablocikin 5

Tel: (+373) 22 35-85-15

Coordinator: Maria Diacon                


Euroclub Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova

Scientific Library, Block C, Ground Floor, Library Room “Paul Bran”
50 Capriana Street
MD-2005 Chisinau
Tel: +(373 22) 40-29-65

Coordinator: Marina Popa

Euroclub "A. Mateevici" Pedagogical College

54 Puskin Street
MD-2005, Chisinau

Tel: +(373 22) 22-02-41 

Coordinator: Corina Moroi


Euroclub of Polytechnic College 

12 Melestiu Street
MD-2038, Chisinau
Tel.: +(373 22) 27-25-94 

Coordinator: Victor Fala

Euroclub of High School “N.Iorga”

4/1 Valea Crucii Street, 

MD-2072, Chișinău

Tel: +(373 22) 77-46-92

Coordinator: Iana Suru


Euroclub High School Hyperion

3 Cartus Street

MD-2003,  Durlesti

Tel: +(373 22) 58-44-76

Coordinator: Lucia Caciuc


Centrul Tinerilor Jurnalisti Orh-Ideea 

120 V. Mahu Street

MD- 3505, Orhei
Tel: +(373 235) 2-14-23

Coordonator: Rodica Chicus

Euroclub "United European Youth"

1 Independence Square
MD-3901, Cahul
Tel: +(373 299) 2-24-81,

Coordinator: Cătălina Frangopol

Euroclub Comrat

40 Lenin Street
MD-3801, Comrat
Tel: +(373-298) 2-34-37 

Coordinator: Liudmila Mitioglo

Lyceum nr.2 , Vocea liceului 

7 Popov Street
MD-5301, Vulcaneti
Tel: +(373 293) 3-15-46

Coordinator: Tatiana Cazanji

High School “Vasile Alecsandri”

13 Nationala Street
MD-3606, Ungheni
Tel: +(373 236) 2-29-65

Coordinator: Olga Budac

High School “Constantin Spataru”

63 Stefan cel Mare Street
MD-6301, Leova
Tel: +(373 236)  2-34-55

Coordinator: Constantin Butnaru

Euroclub Sircova, Rezina

Sircova Village
MD-5401, Rezina
Tel: +(373 239) 2-24-57  

Coordinator: Natalia Cebotar 


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