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Travelling to and studying in the EU from Mexico

12/05/2016 - 14:50
Travel to the EU

Mexican citizens do not require a visa to visit the European Union (EU) for a period of up to three months. Erasmus+ is an EU educational programme that promotes mobility.

Travelling in Europe is the European Union’s official website for people traveling in the 28 countries of the EU. Whether you are on holiday or on business, you will find practical advice and helpful tips on a wealth of subjects, from what documents you need, to getting healthcare and using your mobile phone.

There is so much to discover, and all of it has been made much easier thanks to the European Union. You can move freely from one country to another within Europe. Because of the Schengen Agreement it is possible to cross many borders within the EU without controls. Also, with the addition of the euro in eighteen countries, the cost and the inconvenience of having to change currencies has been eliminated.

There are thirty-nine countries, including Mexico, whose citizens do not require a visa to visit the EU for a period of up to three months.

 *** Information update for visitors: Changes in the validity of travel documents required to enter the Schengen zone ***

From 19 July 2013, the travel documents for visitors entering the Schengen zone who are not subject to the visa obligation (short stay), must remain valid for up to at least three months after the planned date to leave the territory of EU member states. An exception might be made in justified urgent situations on a case-by-case basis.

Also, travel documents must have been issued within the previous ten years. Visitors with passports that do not comply with these requirements will be refused entry at borders. There is no transitional period for the entry into force of this requirement.

More information about the Schengen visa policy.

Embassy of the Republic of Austria

Ambassador: Mrs Sr. Franz Joseph Kuglitschr
Sierra Tarahumara N° 420, Col. Lomas de Chapultepec,
11000, Mexico D.F.
Tel: 5251.0806
Fax: 5245.0198

Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium

Ambassador: H.E. Mr. Antoine Evrard
Musset N° 41, Col. Polanco,
11550, México, D.F.
Tel: 5280.0758
Fax: 5280.0208

Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria

Ambassador: H.E. Mr. Valentin Modev
Paseo de la Reforma N° 1990, Col. Lomas de Chapultepec,
11000, Mexico D.F.
Tel: 5596.3283
Fax: 5596.1012 or

Embassy of the Republic of Croatia

Ambassador: H.E. Mr. Josip Joško Paro
2343 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C., 20008
Teléfono: +1 (202) 588-5899
Fax: +1 (202) 588-8937 

Embassy of Cyprus (closed by 31 January 2020) or

Embassy of the Czech Republic

Ambassador: H.E. Zdeněk Kubánek 
Cuvier N° 22, Col. Nueva Anzures
Tel: 5531.2544 y 5531.2777
Fax: 5531.1837

Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark

Ambassador:  Mr. Lars Steen Nielsen 
Ave. Tres Picos N° 43, Col. Chapultepec morales,
1580, Mexico, D.F.
Tel: 5255.3405
Fax: 5545.5797

Consulate of Estonia

Honorary Consul: Mrs. Claude Le Brun
Homero 1521 piso, Col Polanco,
11560, Mexico D.F.
Tel: 9138.80.73

Embassy of the Republic of Finland

Ambassador: H.E. Mr. Roy Eriksson
Monte Pelvoux N° 111- 4° piso, Col Lomas de Chapultepec,
11000, Mexico D.F.
Tel: 5540.6036
Fax: 5540.0114

Embassy of the Republic of France

Ambassador: H.E. Mrs. Anne Grillo
Campos Eliseos N° 339, Col. Polanco Chapultepec ,
11560, Mexico D.F.
Tel: 9171.9700
Fax: 9171-9893 or 

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

Ambassador: H.E. Mr. Peter Tempel
Lord Byron N° 737, Col. Polanco,
11560, México, D.F.
Tel: 5283.2200
Fax: 5281.2588

Embassy of the Hellenic Republic (Greece)

Ambassador: Mr. Anastassios Petrovas  
Sierra Gorda N° 505, Col. Lomas de Chapultepec,
11010, México, D.F.
Tel: 5520.2070 y 5202.2310
Fax: 5202-4080

Embassy of Hungary

Ambassador: H.E. Mr. Iván Medveczky
Paseo de las Palmas 2005, Col. Lomas de Chapultepec,
11000, Mexico D.F.
Tel: 5596.1822 y 5596.0523
Fax: 5596-2378

Embassy of Ireland

Ambassador: H.E. Mrs. Barbara Jones
Cda. Blvd. Avila Camacho N° 76-3 piso, Edif. Quadro,
Lomas de Chapultepec,
11000, México, D.F.
Tel: 5520.5803
Fax: 5520.5892

Embassy of the Republic of Italy

Ambassador: H.E. Mr. Luigi Maccotta
Paseo de las Palmas N° 1994, Col. Lomas de Chapultepec,
11000, Mexico D.F.
Tel: 5596.3655 y 5596.1018
Fax: 5596.2472 

Embassy of Latvia

Ambassador:H.E. Mr. Andris Razans
2306 Massachusetts Ave. N.W.,
20008 Washington, D.C., EEUU
Tel: 001(202)328.2840
Fax: 001(202)328.2860

Embassy of Lithuania

Ambassador: H.E.  Mr. Žygimantas Pavilionis
2622 16th. St. NW
Washington, DC, 20009
Tel. +1 (202) 234-5860

Honorary Consulate 
Ronén Waisser Landau
Av. Veracruz 62, Col. Roma Norte,  
06700 México D.F.                                
Tel. +52 (55) 5596-2945

Embassy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Ambassador: H.E. Mr. Jean-Louis Wolzfeld
2200 Massachusetts Ave. N.W.,
20008 Washington, D.C., EEUU
Tel: 001(202)265.4171
Fax: 001(202)328.8270

Embassy of Malta

There is no representation in Mexico

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Ambassador: H.E. Mrs. Magriet Nieske Leemhuis
Vol´can No. 150, Piso 2, Edificio Qúbica, Col. Lomas de Chapultepec
11000, Mexico D.F.
Tel: 5258.9921
Fax: 5258.8138

Embassy of Poland

Ambassador: H.E. Mrs. Maciej Ziętara
Cracovia N° 40, Col. San Angel, 01000, Mexico D.F.
Tel: 5481.2050

Embassy of the Republic of Portugal

Ambassador: H.E Mr. Jorge Roza de Oliveira 
Alpes N° 1370, Lomas de Chapultepec,
11000, Mexico D.F.
Tel: 55202562 y 5520.7897
Fax: 5520.4688

Embassy of Republic of Romania

Ambassador: H.E. Mr. Ion Vîlcu
Sófocles N° 311, Col. Polanco,
11560, Mexico D.F.
Tel: 5280.0197 y 5280.0447 (consulate)
Fax: 5280.0343

Embassy of Republic of Slovakia

Ambassador: H.E. Mrs. Terézia Šajgalíková
Julio Verne N° 35, Col. Polanco,
11560, Mexico D.F.
Tel: 5280.6544 y 5280.6669
Fax: 5280.6294

Embassy of Slovenia

Ambassador: H.E. Sr.Božo Cerar
2410 California Street
Washington, D.C. 20008
United States of America
Tel: (+) 1 202 386 66 01
Fax: (+) 1 202 386 6633
Web: vwa(at)

Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain

Ambassador: H.E. Mr. Juan López-Doriga Pérez
Galileo N° 114, Col. Chapultepec Morales,
11550, México, D.F.
Tel: 5282.2271 y 5282.1990
Fax: 5281-8227

Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweden

Ambassador: H.E. Mrs. Annika Thunborg 
Paseo de las Palmas N° 1375, Lomas de Chapultepec,
11000, Mexico D.F.
Tel: 5540.6393 al 97
Fax: 5540.3253

Erasmus+ is the EU’s programme that supports mobility projects in fields related to education. Mexico participates in the following programmes:

Who can participate?

Depending on the programme, students, teaching staff, higher education institutions and both public and private organisations can participate in Erasmus+.

For more information about the admission criteria, please consult the programme guide.

Centres specialising in European study programmes in Mexico

The European Union through its information Office and as part of its information strategy of "the EU in the World" has two "European Union Information Centres" in Mexico.

The first one open since 2004, is hosted in Biblioteca Raúl Baillères at the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM), Campus Río Hondo, where there is a space dedicated to students, professors and researchers, from Mexico and Latin America interested in the European Union. It houses periodicals, magazines and journals on European Union Integration and has access to several databases.

The available bibliographic material was published from 2001 onwards. In order to facilitate research please visit the library's catalogue before visiting it.

Biblioteca Raúl Baillères, Campus Río Hondo

* Material should be searched under the name "Catálogo ITAM" - "Integración Europea".

Additionally, since January 2011, the European Union granted the status of European Union Information Centre (PESUE EUi) to the Programa de Estudios sobre la Unión Europea (PESUE) from Facultad de Estudios Superiores Acatlán at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM).

It is also possible to obtain information through the following free access databases:

To buy publications:

Editorial Sections: