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12/05/2016 - 14:50

Relations between the European Union (EU) and Mexico allow them to face common challenges together to create societies that are safer, fairer, more inclusive and that have a sustainable economy.

Relations between the European Union and Mexico are focused on working together to face common challenges in order to improve the life of our citizens and that of future generations. The National Strategy Document establishes the framework for this EU-Mexico cooperation.

There are three areas in which Mexico and the European Union cooperate that are especially important:

  1. Fair and inclusive societies: We believe in societies where no one is left behind, where people have the basic resources to enjoy a long, healthy life.Mexico is committed to reducing high levels of inequality through its main social and fair tax programmes. The European Union allocates approximately €5 million a year to support public policies focused on greater social cohesion.
  2. Sustainable and smart economies: We are committed to working towards societies where production and consumption are in balance with the planet’s resources. The EU and Mexico are leaders in their commitments to dealing with climate change.The European Union provides around €10 million a year in investments for a sustainable economy.
  3. Peace and the rule of law: The EU and Mexico have signed most of the international conventions on human rights and we are working together to uphold the rule of law, equal access to justice and human security.

The EU allocates around €2 million a year through calls that are open to civil society organisations and public institutions concerning human rights.


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