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About the EU Delegation to Mexico

12/05/2016 - 14:50
About us - structure and organisation

The European Union (EU) is represented in Mexico by its Delegation located in Mexico City. The Delegation is categorised as a diplomatic mission and officially represents the EU in Mexico.

The role of the European Union Delegation to Mexico

The European Union is represented in Mexico by its Delegation located in the capital of the country, Mexico City.

The establishment of diplomatic relations between the European Union and Mexico began in 1960, but the Delegation of the EU was officially established in Mexico in 1989.

The Delegation is categorised as a diplomatic mission and officially represents the EU in Mexico.

This is one of over 140 offices that the European Union has established with countries and international organisations.

The competencies and mandate of the EU Delegation to Mexico

  • To promote political and economic relations between Mexico and the EU.
  • To continue dialogue with Mexico through the Global Agreement and help to fulfil the objectives of the Strategic Partnership.
  • To represent the EU before Mexican authorities.
  • To inform the Mexican public about the development of the EU, and explain and defend community policies.
  • To oversee the monitoring of bilateral relations in the areas of politics, economy, trade and cooperation.
  • To promote and defend the values and interests of the EU, especially within the field of cooperation.
  • To cooperate with public entities and civil society organisations represented in Mexico.
  • To provide direct humanitarian aid through the offices of the European Commission's Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department (ECHO).
  • To participate in the proper functioning of the Common Foreign and Security Policy.


Dear friends:

My name is Gautier Mignot and I am the Ambassador of the European Union to Mexico. I was born in France, I am 51 years old, I am married and I have three daughters.

I have been in the French Diplomatic Service for 26 years and my two great passions have been the European integration and Latin America, so I am happy to combine these two in my new post in Mexico. Working for the first time “with the t-shirt of the European Union and not the French one”, fills me with excitement and enthusiasm.

The Delegation of the European Union in Mexico is one of over 140 offices that the EU has established around the world. They represent the European Union and coordinate the work between the Embassies of the Member States on many issues of European competence. Thirty-five people of diverse European nationalities, as well as Mexicans, are part of the Delegation and work every day to strengthen relations between the European Union and Mexico.

The European Union has 10 strategic partners in the world and Mexico is one of them. The strategic partnership is founded on shared values; and the great objective of my mandate is to strengthen it. We want to do this particularly through the modernisation of our Global Agreement, which has been in force since 2000.

Mexico and the European Union have to work more closely for peace, democracy, human rights, the protection of the planet, social cohesion and gender equality. We must strengthen the exchanges between our companies, which create quality jobs and wealth for our peoples, and between our citizens, particularly young people.

The European Union is the third trade partner of Mexico, the second investor in the country and the first donor. We are made to understand each other and I am sure that we can do great things together.

I invite you to learn more about the European Union and our work in Mexico on this website and on our different social networks (Facebook: Unión Europea en México; Twitter: @UEenMexico; Instagram: @uemexico).

Thank you Mexico for welcoming me!

Gautier Mignot, Ambassador/Hed of Delegation

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