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Travel to the EU from Mauritius and Seychelles

12/05/2016 - 14:47
Travel to the EU

Useful information on travelling from Mauritius or Seychelles to the EU, such as visas, travel restrictions and consulates and for studying there.

Home to the world’s finest museums, breath-taking architecture and amazing landscapes; to celebrated composers, sophisticated restaurants and famous brands: Europe has it all. It is a continent full of diversity and styles, from ancient times to today – and a master of reinvention. Steeped in history, it nevertheless shapes the future, in fashion, art, architecture, gastronomy and design.

However you envisage your ‘adventure of a lifetime’, deciding where and when to go is one of the biggest challenges of your trip! Whether your aim is to go back in time or get a glimpse of the future, discover the ‘must-sees’, or get off the beaten track, Europe is ready for you. Are you ready for Europe?

The EU Visa Code compiles all legal provisions governing decisions on visas. It increases transparency, enhances legal security and ensures equal treatment of applicants, while harmonising rules and practices for all Schengen States.


Mauritius is one of the pilot countries which benefit from the Schengen visa waiver (up to 3 months) since mid-2009. For more information about travelling to Europe, please click here (site de l'Ambassade de France à Maurice).


A visa waiver is valid for short stays.

Visa-free travel applies to holders of passports, regardless of the purpose of travel. However visa-free travel is not valid for persons travelling for the purpose of carrying out a paid activity.

Citizens of Seychelles may stay in the Schengen area for a maximum period of three months over a six-month period, following the date of first entry into the territory of any Member State fully applying the Schengen acquis. 

More information:

French Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Information applicable to Seychelles passport holders

Required documents on arrival in France

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Transport - The Republic of Seychelles: Travel & Visa: Visitors travelling to Seychelles


Currently two EU Member States are represented with diplomatic missions in Mauritius, the United Kingdom and France.

Other EU Member States have accredited non-resident ambassadors for Mauritius and have nominated Honorary Consuls.

The Mauritian Foreign Ministry maintains an up-to-date list of the diplomatic corps.


Currently two EU Member States are represented with diplomatic missions in Seychelles, the United Kingdom and France.

Other EU Member States have accredited non-resident ambassadors for the Seychelles and have nominated Honorary Consuls.

The Seychelles Foreign Ministry maintains an up-to-date diplomatic directory.

There are more than four thousand higher education institutions in Europe, from top-level research establishments to small, teaching-focused colleges. Europe itself is no less diverse, extending from the Arctic Circle to the coast of Africa, where tiny principalities sit side-by-side with many of the world’s leading economies.

A fascinating destination, but which country should you go to? Which university should you choose? What do you need before you leave? What will happen when you arrive? These are just some of the questions you’re probably asking yourself already.
The Study in Europe website provides up-to-date information on 32 European countries, their universities and what it takes to live and study there. Use Study in Europe to find the university that suits you best. A well-informed decision will make your time abroad even more valuable.

Erasmus Mundus scholarships

The Erasmus Mundus programme aims to enhance quality in higher education through scholarships and academic co-operation between Europe and the rest of the world.
The Erasmus Mundus programme offers

  • Scholarships for excellent students and researchers to follow an Erasmus Mundus Masters Course or Joint Doctorate at two or more European universities
  • Top-quality masters and doctoral courses in a broad variety of disciplines
  • A scheme open to students throughout the world

How to apply?

  • Go to the Erasmus Mundus website
  • Click on the link to Erasmus Mundus Masters Courses or Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorates. You can view all available courses or search for courses in a specific discipline.
  • Once you have identified a course that interests you, go to the website of your chosen course. The course website will give you the details you require about tuition, fees, application procedures, etc.
  • Send your application directly to the co-ordinator of your selected course. Application deadline is usually between 15 November and 31st January.
  • Start of the academic year: September

The EU information centre or short EUi in the National Library of Mauritius is the first one in the Indian Ocean region of the more than 200 EUi's that exist throughout the European Union and in third countries. It aims at informing researchers, students and the general public in Mauritius about the European Union and its policies.

The EUi provides general information over the European Union, its history, the various EU institutions and how they work in practice. Thematically, the EUi focuses on subjects such as environment, development, and trade. Moreover, the EUi offers statistical publications which deal with a range of economic subjects as well as core legal texts.  There is also information on the possibilities to study in Europe.

Overall, the collection contains more than 300 titles in the form of brochures, videos and DVDs, which are constantly updated with new arrivals.  As integral part of the EUi two PCs offer access to more than 23000 titles of the EU bookshop, to legal and statistical databases and invite to browse the EuropaServer.

Details of the National Library of Mauritius

Opening hours: weekdays from 9am to 4pm and on Saturdays from 9am to 12pm.
Location: 1st & 2nd Floors, Fon Sing Building, Edith Cavell Street, Port Louis, Republic of Mauritius.
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