Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Malawi


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On 25 May, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force. The Regulation updates and modernises the principles enshrined in the 1995 Data Protection Directive to guarantee privacy rights.

The European Union and its Member States have progressively put in place a comprehensive external migration policy and strengthened the work along the Central Mediterranean route. Saving and protecting the lives of migrants and refugees, breaking the business model of smugglers and traffickers and providing legal pathways are at the very heart of the EU's policy.

Europe and Africa are the closest neighbours and what happens to one will affect the other. Whether it is job creation, combatting climate change, management of migration or the fight against terrorism – we believe that the key to success lies in a successful Africa-EU partnership.

Sixty-eight years ago today, French foreign minister Robert Schuman proposed a joint authority to oversee French and German production of coal and steel, launching an ambitious and remarkable project which has shaped the course of European history and redefined Europe's place in the world.

This project – of peace, of partnership, of shared values and solidarity – is far from over.

Kulima will support 600 extension workers, 8000 community based facilitators and more than 400,000 productive farming families. By the end of the programme these farmers will be able to use climate smart agriculture techniques, they will benefit from higher production and hence higher incomes.

Afikepo will improve the nutritional status of more than 750 000 households. It will enhance the skills of 500 Programme Development Agents (professional and frontline extension workers in nutrition) and will provide school meals in 150 primary schools and 50 Early Child Development centres, on top of the work that will be done on the governance of the sector together with DNHA at the national and district levels.