Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Malawi


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The Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Malawi is seeking to support civil society organisations in fulfilling their role as actors of governance and development work in the field, with financial assistance from the EU Civil Society Organisations and Local Authorities programme (CSO-LA).

Particular focus will be on increasing the participation of CSOs in tackling climate change and mitigating its adverse effects.

We shall not forget, corruption is a people issue. Processes and systems can try to limit corruption – particularly IT Systems can try to make the misuse of funds harder by incorporating various levels of checks and balances, but systems can never eradicate it. Only the ethical conduct and integrity of people can successfully contain corruption.

Democracy cannot live without free, diverse and independent media. Journalists and media actors across the globe hold states, government officials, corporations and society at large accountable for their actions. But far too many among them face threats and attacks simply for carrying out their work, while the perpetrators of these attacks often act with total impunity.


The European Union (EU) says it will continue implementing strategic priorities of its cooperation with the Malawi Government

EU Ambassador Presents her Letters of Credence

On 16 October in Lilongwe, the Ambassador of the European Union to Malawi, Sandra Paesen presented her letters of credence to the President of Malawi, H.E. Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika.

Statement by High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini on the occasion of the United Nations Day

On the European and World Day against the Death Penalty, the Council of Europe and the European Union (EU) reiterate their strong opposition to capital punishment in all circumstances and for all cases. The death penalty is an affront to human dignity. It constitutes cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment and is contrary to the right to life. The death penalty has no established deterrent effect and it makes judicial errors irreversible.

The European Union and its Member States have progressively put in place a comprehensive external migration
policy and strengthened the work along the Central Mediterranean route. Saving and protecting the lives of
migrants and refugees, breaking the business model of smugglers and traffickers and providing legal pathways,
while addressing the root causes of irregular migration and forced displacement are at the very heart of the EU's policy.

As part of President Juncker's State of the Union proposals earlier this week the European Commission announced a new 'Africa - Europe Alliance for Sustainable Investment and Jobs'. The package builds on the commitments taken during the African Union – European Union Summit of last year in Abidjan where the two continents agreed to strengthen their partnership. The Alliance will lead to the creation of up to 10 million jobs in Africa in the next 5 years alone.