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Member States reconfirm their commitment to civilian CSDP

19/04/2021 - 10:55
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Today, the 27th and final National Implementation Plan under the Civilian CSDP Compact was delivered. This is a significant step reconfirming the joint commitment by Member States to strengthen civilian Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP).

The National Implementation Plans will allow Member States to better develop the required capabilities for civilian CSDP in order to provide civilian CSDP missions with more and better qualified staff, including more women, in less time. This will help meet the security challenges of the EU and its partner countries and has already resulted in an 8,4% increase of staff deployed in civilian CSDP missions.

On 19 November 2018, EU Member States agreed on an ambitious Civilian CSDP Compact to make civilian Missions more capable, more effective, flexible and responsive and more joined up with other EU instruments in light of a changing security environment. The EEAS and the European Commission presented a Joint Action Plan for the implementation of the Compact in May 2019, which is complemented by National Implementation Plans drafted by Member States to ensure full implementation of the Compact by early summer 2023.

The National Implementation Plans follow a dynamic and interactive process and outline how each Member States nationally have agreed to enhance their participation in civilian CSDP through reforms in areas such as national coordination and cooperation among relevant state actors, legislation, budget, secondment- and career path systems, strategic communication and the participation of women.



The European Union deploys eleven civilian Missions under the framework of the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP). The civilian CSDP Missions promote stability and build resilience through strengthening rule of law in fragile environments. Civilian experts advise and train local partners in Africa, Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans, and the Middle East. Around 2,000 women and men work in the EU civilian CSDP missions. Working for security, they are a tangible sign of Europe’s engagement for security both beyond our borders and at home.

In November 2018, the Council agreed to significantly strengthen EU civilian crisis management through a series of practical commitments, called the Civilian CSDP Compact. The implementation of the Compact is taken forward by the EEAS and the European Commission through a Joint Action Plan and by Member States nationally, through so–called National Implementation Plans.

All Member States have now adopted National Implementation Plans, allowing for an increased contribution to civilian CSDP. The civilian CSDP compact and developments beyond summer 2023 will be integrated into the ongoing discussions on the Strategic Compass, which will  help  strengthen  a  common  European  security  and  defence  culture  and  define the right objectives and concrete goals for our policies.