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The world we want: Young Activist Summit 2020

25/11/2020 - 00:00
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The world we want, time for change – that was the motto of this year’s second edition of the Young Activists Summit. As a longstanding advocate of the rights of the child and civil society engagement, the EU Delegation in Geneva co-sponsored the event which gave voice to 7 young activists, honouring their engagement all around the world. The award-winners’ projects range from climate action and humanitarian action to girl’s empowerment.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the event was held fully virtual on 20 November 2020, marking the World Children’s Day. The event was live streamed on Facebook and received over 15,000 views, bringing together interventions by the young activists and many insightful videoclips showcasing the inspiring examples of young people who have made a real difference towards building a better future. The summit brought together people from 106 countries across five continents for a virtual discussion on some of the world’s biggest challenges, particularly focusing on climate change and sustainability.
The organizers, the United Nations Office in Geneva and the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies underline: “The Young Activists Summit seeks to change mindsets about global issues, advocate for change towards a better future, empower young figures defending sustainability or human rights, and help them achieve concrete results. The selected activists are thus provided with a unique platform to raise awareness of their causes among youngsters and decision-makers.”
With regard to this year’s motto, they point out: “The coronavirus crisis has been a massive disrupter but also an opportunity to rethink the world we want for tomorrow. Young people have the right to demand that the recovery plans they will fund be spent on rebuilding sustainable societies that protect the interests of present and future generations.”
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