Delegation of the European Union to Liberia

Energizing Access to Sustainable Energy (EASE) – Component 5

03/01/2019 - 20:21
Agriculture and Food Safety

To improve access to energy through the enabling of conditions for increased use of renewable energy (RE) by households and small businesses.



Expected results:

  • Improvement in fuel wood balance and farmers' resilience to external shocks;
  • On-farm tree planting and natural regeneration of trees;
  • Enhancement of agricultural production through sustainable agro-forestry systems;
  • Reduction of fuel wood consumption by farming households;
  • Demand driven production of tree seedlings for distribution to farmers.  

Main activities:

  • Introduction of improved agro-forestry systems for enhanced crop and livestock production;
  • Promotion of fuel wood saving technologies for on-farm use (clean cook-stoves);
  • Improving the management of wood resources through on-farm planting and regeneration of trees in Katsina State.   


Main accomplishments to date:

For Lot 1 implemented by Centre for Renewable Energy Research, UMARU Musa Yar'Adua University, Katsina:
  • Mobilized and recruited about 25,000 farmers and about 350 private nursery owners through the agroforestry expansion programme, including the training of 8,000 farmers resulting in the planting of 4.5 million trees out of 5.5 planned;
  • Establishment of 10 multipurpose processing centres for economic processing of Non Wood Tree Products (NWTP) by CBOs, adding value to the traditional NWTPs, resulting in income generation for the families;
  • Development of an improved design of pre-cast mud stove production system with 17 mass production centers through PPP arrangement with CBOs. So far, about 10,000 mud stoves, 100 improved suya meat roasters and 5 improved bread baking ovens have been established representing 50% success of set target
  • Community-driven participatory model for monitoring and enforcement of controlled wood harvesting has been developed and validated and awaiting legislative formalities. 
For Lot 2 implemented by Oxfam Novib:




  • Out of 5.5 million trees planned to be planted, 4,544,949 trees (through nursery and farmer managed natural regeneration approaches) have been planted on 61,834 hectares of land;
  • Out of a total of 55,000 targeted beneficiaries (farmers, entrepreneurs, NGOs to be reached on Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration or other Agro-forestry models on 160,000 hectares of land, 41,448 have been reached on 97,072.12 hectares;
  • Out of the 35,000 clean cook stoves planned to be produced and disseminated by project end 22,313 stoves have been produced and 9,886 disseminated;
  • 14 collaborating Private Nursery Owners (PNOs) had grown their businesses in year 2 with income of N2.5m and had generated over N5.05m in the current year. 





Source of funds: 10th EDF (CRIS Ref: 2011/023-551)

Total budget (EUR): 10.2M

Implementation period: 4 years (2014 - 2018)

Implementing agencies: Oxfam Novib and Ibrahim Shehu Shema Centre for Renewable Energy Research, Umaru Musa Yar'Adua University ISSCeRER (UMYU), Katsina 

Geographical region: 12 LGAs in Katsina State.

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