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Delegation of the European Union to Liberia

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The Delegation of the European Union to Liberia is a fully-fledged diplomatic mission, with the task of officially representing the EU in Liberia, in close cooperation with the diplomatic missions of the EU Member States. The Head of Delegation is formally accredited as the official representative of the European Union to the Government of Liberia and is referred to as the Ambassador and Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Liberia.

The Delegation has around 30 staff organised in six sections – Political Affairs, three Operational sections for development cooperation, Finance and Contracts and Administration. The Delegation is responsible for implementing all aspects of the EU's external relations policies with regard to Liberia, whether in the political, economic, trade or cooperation fields. The Delegation also serves as an information point for all enquiries relating to EU-Liberia relations or to the policies and activities of the EU generally. 

EU Ambassador to Liberia, Tiina Intelmann

Welcome to the webpage of the European Union Delegation to Liberia!

The European Commission established an office in Liberia in 1973 and we have maintained our presence here since then. In 2009, the office became a fully-fledged Delegation and with the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty in December that year became the Delegation of the European Union to Liberia.

As Ambassador, one of my roles is to increase awareness in Liberia of the strong partnership that exists between the European Union and Liberia across both political and development activities. I hope that our website will make it easy for you to access information about the EU and our relations with Liberia, as well as more general information about the EU, its policies and the activities of its various institutions.

I hope you will find this website informative, interesting and user-friendly. Do not hesitate to give us your feedback.

Tiina Intelmann

Ambassador, Head of Delegation

If you want to contact any of the sections of the Delegation, please use the following email addresses:


Head of Delegation

Ambassador Tiina Intelmann


Assistant to the Head of Delegation

Jocelyne Ntirenganya



Head of Political, Information and Communication Section

Emma Sundblad



Head of Cooperation Section 1 – Political and Economic Governance

Hans Lambrecht



Head of Cooperation Section 2 - Infrastructure and Social Sectors

Ioannis Tzartzas



Head of Cooperation Section 3 –Resilience

Alberto Menghini  



Head of Contracts & Finance Section

Anna Karamat



Head of Administration Section

Eric-Jean Van Hemelryck



Press & Information Officer

Weah Karpeh



Editorial Sections: