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20/12/2016 - 14:20
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I arrived in Liberia early September 2017, during the electoral campaign period, and that has given me the possibility to quickly learn the challenges facing the country, but also to discover the assets that make Liberia so unique.

Liberia still remains a fragile country, after a long period of civil unrest and the more recent painful event of the Ebola crisis. The country is now enjoying peace and stability, and is gradually recovering economically, despite the impact of the drop in prices of its main commodities, such as rubber and iron ore, impacting on the devaluation of the Liberian dollar. Liberians have shown an incredible and laudable capacity of resilience. The European Union has always been a key reliable partner, in particular in the darkest moments, and will remain a credible and valuable player for the future. As the EU Ambassador, together with my team composed of Africans - mostly Liberians - and EU nationals, I will endeavor to maintain the high quality of our partnership.  Together we are, together we remain.  

Liberians have peacefully elected a new President, George Manneh Weah, and they can be proud of the conduct of these elections, which should create a precedent for all other elections to come. Expectations are high and President Weah is committed to address the basic needs and aspirations of the population and in particular of the most vulnerable, such as education, health, job creation, infrastructure and corruption. Global or regional challenges such as climate change, radicalisation, and migration should also be high on his agenda.  

The European Union has an important portfolio of cooperation with Liberia, already addressing the priorities of the Pro-poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development, mixing several instruments and sources of financing, mostly concentrating on governance, agriculture, energy and education, and delivering through both Government and civil society organizations. Also, the European Union has continental and regional cooperation with ECOWAS and the African Union and the links and the partnership we have developed at all levels are stronger, year after year and will continue.

More information can be found on this website, and I sincerely hope you will find it useful. You should also be able to find more general information about EU policies and activities of all EU institutions.

I would also like to recommend you to check our FaceBook account at regular intervals as the EU is very active in Liberia!!

If you want to contact any of the sections of the Delegation, please use the following email addresses:


Head of Delegation

Ambassador Hélène Cavé


Assistant to the Head of Delegation

Jocelyne Ntirenganya


Head of Political, Information and Communication Section

Juan Antonio Frutos Goldaratz


Head of Cooperation

Theodorus Kaspers


Team Leader – Political and Economic Governance

Jyrki Torni


Team Leader - Infrastructure and Social Sectors

Stefania Marrone


Team Leader – Resilience

Ivan Borisavljevic


Head of Contracts & Finance Section

Maxime La Tella


Head of Administration Section

Mirco Buenning 


Press & Information Officer

Jesadeh TC Boley


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