Délégation de l'Union européenne au Liban


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With the aim to foster professionalism in the legislative and oversight work of the Lebanese Parliament, this project provides technical assistance, equipment and training to the Finance & Budget Committee and the Administration & Justice Committee.

An open coalition of NGOs established a Multimedia Virtual Space where several organisations contribute to training, research and advocacy on human rights in Lebanon, with multimedia tools (web, library, films) reaching a wide range of audiences.

The European Union supports the Lebanese Police (Internal Security Forces – ISF) with the overall aim of improving the professional standards of the institution and therefore its perception within the public.

The project provided material and technical support to the Supervisory Commission on the Election Campaign, international standard electoral equipment along with the training on its use, and electronic systems of results processing and announcement.

"One World in Schools" educates high school students through the use of international human rights documentary films in class along with related interactive class activities and modern teaching methods.

The project aims at promoting the creation of a better maritime transport connections in the Mediterranean.

Euromed Transport aims to improve the operations and the efficiency of the Mediterranean transport system by concentrating its efforts on political reforms, trainings, and political dialogue with the decision makers.

European neighbourhood and partnership instrument Republic of Lebanon

Agricultural land in south Lebanon was significantly damaged by the bombings of the 2006 war. A mine clearance program has allowed farmers to slowly return to their fields and has contributed to the development of the region after this recovery phase

After the assassination of PM Rafic Hariri, there was a common understanding of the necessity to improve the level of criminal investigations in Lebanon. Trainings from crime scene investigation to high-level officials contributed towards that goal.