Delegation of the European Union to Lebanon


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The Ambassador of the European Union in Lebanon, Ralph Tarraf, announced today that the European Union is donating 15 million euros to the World Health Organization to support the health system in Lebanon, with a main focus on access to essential medications to those who need it for the coming two years.


Collaboration between the European Union and World Health Organisation delivers essential medications to people in need in Lebanon

The voice of journalists is our own voice. When media remain silent, it is like societies themselves are muzzled: unable to hold the political and economic leadership to account or to grant people the right to make fact-based choices in life.

03/05/2020 - This year, we mark World Press Freedom Day in the midst of a global pandemic. This gives us a special reason to pay tribute to all the journalists and media workers who bring us the news and analyse the world we are in.

On World Press Freedom Day, we pay tribute to the essential role of journalism in upholding online and offline freedom of expression in democratic societies and fostering transparency and accountability. The COVID-19 crisis has brought the importance of the work of the press into sharp relief. In times of uncertainty, more than ever, access to reliable fact-checked information, that is free from undue interference and influence, is crucial and contributes to a more resilient society. It is a matter of concern that the COVID-19 pandemic is being used in some countries as a pretext for imposing undue restrictions on freedom of the press.

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads around the world, the European Union and its Member States have observed cyber threats and malicious cyber activities targeting essential operators in Member States and their international partners, including in the healthcare sector. Since the beginning of the pandemic, significant phishing and malware distribution campaigns, scanning activities and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks have been detected, some affecting critical infrastructures that are essential to managing this crisis.


The COVID-19 crisis is affecting us all. Countries around the world are struggling with its effects and experiencing an unprecedented negative economic fallout. Lebanon is no exception: the country is coping with the COVID-19 crisis with limited resources and against the backdrop of a preceding financial and economic crisis.