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Ekotay Morjada – Unity for Dignity

16/09/2020 - 05:32
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Ekotay Morjada – Unity for Dignity

“Ekotay Morjada – Unity for Dignity” builds on the logic that a sustainable business is not only about profit, but is especially about purpose and creating value for all the stakeholders — including the workers. And larger the purpose/value, higher the opportunities for the business to grow. The project will use this win-win approach to advance the socio-economic rights of Ready-Made Garments (RMG) and domestic workers by demonstrating that cooperation between employers and workers is better than competition.


From 1/01/2020  to 31/12/2023 (36 months)

Budget (Euro)

Total cost: EUR 557 894 ; EU contribution: EUR 529 999


Dhaka Metropolitan Area

Implementing Organization (s)

Fondazione Terre des Hommes Italia ONLUS – TDH Italia

Karmojibi Nari (KN)

Shobujer Ovijan Foundation (SOF)

Objectives,Outcome (Specific Objectives) and Outputs (Expected results)

The proposed Action is designed to support the socio-economic rights of Ready-made Garment (RMG) and domestic workers.

Impact/Overall objective:

  • Contribute to the social and economic rights of Ready Made Garments (RMG) and domestic workers in Dhaka Metropolitan Area.

Outcome/Specific objectives (SO):

  • SO1. Duty bearers are progressively engaging to create an enabling environment for workers' rights, both in formal and informal sector.
  • SO2. Formal/informal workers make informed socio-economic choices and collectively advocate for their rights

Intermediate outcome:

  • Formal/informal workers and employers change their practice to promote an enabling environment for their rights


  • O1.1 Duty bearers are skilled and progressively motivated in engaging with formal/informal workers on issues of common interest.
  • O2.1 Workers have access to rights-based information and services.
  • O2.2 WGs are established as collective platforms to articulate their interests with employers.

Target group(s)

The action will target 800 RMG and domestic workers (80% female and 20% male) organized in 50 WGs – at community level – and working in the pre-selected 30 RMG factories in the area of Mirpur or in one of the residences owned by the members of 10 House Owners Associations (HOAs) in the same intervention area, as well as 540 2 to 6 years-old children, whose parents are either RMG or domestic workers, and who will be provided with day care services. From the employers’ side, the mid and high level management of the same 30 pre-selected compliant or semi-compliant RMG factories, where the RMG workers beneficiaries are employed, as well as the employers of the targeted domestic workers organized under 10 HOA will be included as direct beneficiaries.

Final beneficiaries

The final beneficiaries include the target groups’ family members and the RMG workforce of the 30 factories engaged in the project, as well as the international brands and the Government of Bangladesh, which will be sustained in fulfilling its commitments on the promotion of decent work for all, including for the workers of the informal sector.

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