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PPRD South Initiative towards Stronger Euro-Mediterranean Collaboration for Preventing, Preparing and Managing Major Disasters

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Roma, 5-7 November 2019

Sixteen directors and high-level officers from the national civil protection bodies and the disaster risk management agencies of southern Mediterranean partner countries will gather in Rome from 5 to 7 November 2019. Together with experts from the French, Italian, and Spanish civil protection systems, they will identify a common roadmap to increase national and regional capacities to work with the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM).

This workshop is the sixth regional event organised by the EU-funded Regional Euro-Mediterranean Programme of Cooperation on Disaster Risk Management1 (PPRD South 3).

Organised under the technical coordination of the Italian Civil Protection Department, the event will be opened by an introduction to UCPM and its tools, including the required national capacities to activate them and using them efficiently. A series of examples of international missions done under the UCPM will allow to highlight the added value of the European cooperation on disaster preparedness and response support and each PPRD South partner country will have the possibility to illustrate previous experiences of collaboration with the Mechanism.

Lebanon will be represented by Georges Abou Moussa of the Directorate General of the Lebanese Civil Defense and Zahi Chahine, Head of the Disaster Risk Management Unit at the Grand Serail.

A discussion will follow to identify the aspects requiring further collaboration efforts, and to prepare a plan of actions for the next year and a half. Those tools have been recently opened to Mediterranean partner countries and most of them have already benefited from EU disaster response and preparedness support.

“What we expect from this event, the PPRD South Team Leader General (2S) Christian Beau said, is to contribute to create the conditions for an improved regional Euro-Mediterranean collaboration on disaster prevention, preparedness and response".


About UCPM:
The European Union Civil Protection Mechanism was established in 2001 to improve the EU response to natural and man-made disasters inside and outside Europe. Through this Mechanism, all EU Member States, as well as 6 Participating States, pool together their civil protection capacities and capabilities, allowing for a stronger and more coherent collective response. The Mechanism has already responded to over 300 requests for assistance inside and outside the EU. It also contributes to capacity development activities on disaster risk management like trainings, prevention & preparedness projects, full scale exercises and advisory missions.

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