Delegation of the European Union to Lebanon

Communication Services for the European Union Delegation to Lebanon


The Delegation of the European Union in Lebanon is seeking support to strengthen our communication activities. A service contract notice for "Communication Services for the European Union Delegation to Lebanon" has been published and is available at the following link

The purpose of this contract is to create a communication campaign including a creative media campaign as well as a PR strategy and campaign that will successfully position the EU delegation among all target audiences.

The overall objective of the project of which this contract will be a part is as follows:

Increase visibility of the EU nationwide and create awareness about its mission in Lebanon and commitment to the country’s development.

While developing content, communication agencies should keep in mind the primary objectives of all communication by the EU: 

  • Create emotional associations: create emotional associations to the EU by highlighting its commitment to the country’s growth and development and by focusing on personal, human stories and building a narrative.
  • Develop a new narrative: develop a narrative, easy to understand and relatable by various audiences, ultimately creating a strong image and thus ties with the general public.
  • Target all stakeholders: target the general public, but keep in mind all major groups by developing a multi-messaging and multi- audiences strategy.
  • Focus on priority themes: highlight the priority themes identified by the EU Delegation in 2018 without overly emphasizing one over the other and without undermining the emotional nature of the campaign.

    Number and titles of lots
    One lot only

    Maximum budget
    EUR 500,000

    Scope for additional services
    The contracting authority may, at its own discretion, extend the project in duration and/or scope subject to the availability of funding up to the estimated amount of approximately EUR 1,500,000. Any extension of the contract would be subject to satisfactory performance by the contractor.

The Deadline for applying is 12 April 2019.

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