Delegation of the European Union to Lebanon

Green Energy in the Green Forest of Bkessine

Lebanon, 19/07/2018 - 15:06, UNIQUE ID: 180719_33

Bkessine Briquetting Plant
Bkessine Briquetting Plant

The EU has funded the implementation of a 500 tonnes biomass briquettes facility in the village of Bkessine, South of Lebanon.

The Project was implemented by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), in coordination with the Municipality of Bkessine. The objective assists in the preservation of the 220 hectares of Stone Pine (Pinus pinea) Forest in Bkessine, the largest forest of its kind in the region, through the collection and sustainable pruning of dry matter that reduces the probability of occurrence and the severity of fires. It also helps to create local employment and a new national value chain in biomass valorization that can be replicated nation-wide. Thanks to this project a more sustainable heating source for rural households is being delivered, displacing fuel oil, kerosene, and illegal harvesting of wood.

The Bkessine Forest Management Plan was also executed simultaneously with the construction of the briquetting facility. The Plan is a study undertaken also by the EU UNDP CEDRO 4 project, to ensure that the collection of the biomass raw material is done sustainably.

The briquetting plant is currently operational and delivering sustainable biomass to Bkessine and neighboring areas.

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