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#EU4YOUth – Erasmus alumni share their experience

Lebanon, 19/04/2018 - 13:11, UNIQUE ID: 180419_11
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Erasmus Alumni Reception
Erasmus Alumni Reception

Eramsus alumni in Lebanon gathered last evening at the residence of EU Ambassador Christina Lassen for a networking event. The alumni, who took part in exchange programmes between Lebanese and European universities, shared stories and experiences from their time in Europe.

"Being an Erasmus student meant more than just a certificate that would hang proudly on the wall. Being an Erasmus student was a testimony that I, among many more, have done something right. And as much as it has been a challenge, it has been equally an adventure," Alumnus Amin Beytamouni who spent a year at Cardiff Metropolitan University, said.

Intissar Al Sayegh, who studied at Poland's Lublin University of Technology, said: "No words can describe this outstanding experience with the chance to study, discover Europe, and get to be introduced to peers from different cultures and nationalities."

Ambassador Lassen welcomed the alumni saying: "this evening is for you to share your Erasmus experience with your fellow alumni. Many of you have already said to me the Erasmus experience has literally changed your lives. In a sense, you have all become ambassadors for Europe."

Several alumni spoke to the EU ambassador about their Erasmus university exchange experience and how the skills they developed during their time in Europe enabled them to widen their perspectives and develop their professional careers.

Carol Abdul-Khalek, who lived and studied at SciencesPo in Paris, described how Erasmus open the opportunity for her to "visit 13 cities, meet over 300 students and attend one of the best universities in the world."

"This wouldn't have been possible without Erasmus."

The EU is committed to empowering young men and women and help them access quality education, allowing them to overcome challenges and become tomorrow's leaders and decision makers.

For over 30 years, the EU's Erasmus programme has helped millions of young people study and gain valuable work experience abroad.


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