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EU EOM The Gambia 2021 deploys 14 locally recruited short-term observers

03/12/2021 - 15:56
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A day before Presidential Election in The Gambia the European Union Election Observation Mission has deployed more observers to follow all aspects of the Election on 04 December.

LSTOs being deployed in The Gambia

14 locally recruited short-term election observers (LSTOs) will strengthen the EU EOM in The Gambia. They will observe on Election Day the opening of polling stations, the voting, the closure of polling station, counting of votes and the tabulations.

All observations will be an essential part of the overall assessment of the election. Analysts of the Core Team in The Gambias´capital Banjul are preparing the preliminary statement of the mission, which will be presented only 48 hours after the election during a press conference.

On Election Day Chief Observer Norbert Neuser, a member of the European Parliament will visit several polling stations in and around Banjul. 

It is the first time that the European Union is deploying an Election Observation Mission to the Gambia to observe a Presidential Election. Chief Observer Norbert Neuser underlined during a briefing session with the 14 LSTOs his hope, that all authorities, parties and candidates will promote a peaceful and credible election process.

EU EOM The Gambia deploys 14 locally recruited short-term observers

Since the beginning of November, the mission has already 16 long-term observers deployed to all 7 administrative areas of The Gambia. They are based in the regional capitals and have assessed various aspects of the pre-election phase. Also, these long-term observers are following the election day procedures in polling stations.

The mission is in The Gambia since 27 October with a team of 8 analysts, the Chief Observer and a Deputy Chief Observers. Another team of 5 experts is supporting the mission with logistics, IT, management and finance.

After presenting the preliminary statement 2 days after election day a final report with recommendations will be published around two months after the elections.


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