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Her voice- Her vote: Aspects of Libyan women’s participation in elections

17/06/2021 - 10:20
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Six months prior to the elections and in partnership with the Libyan NGO Together We Build It (TWBI), the Delegation invited courageous and committed Libyan women, dedicated to their local communities, to provide their perspectives at a webinar on the challenges faced by Libyan women to participating in elections, running as candidate or simply going to vote. Bringing women voices up can only have a positive impact on the Libyan society.

EU Ambassador Knudsen saluted the courage and commitment of Libyan women and girls, their bravery and engagement in the local community life. “While the Libyan society has now new perspectives of peace and prosperity, there is a window of opportunity for women empowerment and building back better.”
Among the panelists were Ensherah Bentaboun, a former candidate to the Tripoli local municipal council; DrAbeir ImneinaDirector of Washem Institute (East); Rida Altubuly, Director of Together We Build it NGO (West); Iman Awidat, Director of Alnoor organisation (South); Begoña Lasagabaster, UN Women Representative for Tunisia and Libya; and Ameena Al Rasheed, Senior Gender Advisor of the Gender Unit at UNSMIL. They referred in their presentations to the many obstacles Libyan women face when running for election. Awareness of voting rights, with sometimes simply knowing the timeframe (when to register and when to vote) can be an obstacle to women and youth going to the ballot boxes. The fear factor and the general feeling of insecurity seem to be the barrier to their participation in the South. Attention was also drawn to the particular situation of women married to non-Libyan being excluded from voting. All of the panelists called for civic education training, support to women candidatures and help on awareness raising campaigns.
Mrs Houria Khalifa Miloud, Minister for Women Affairs underlined that her Ministry was working on a National Action Plan for the implementation of the UNSCR 1325 for Libya. Her wish was for as many women as possible to participate and for the awareness raising to  continue.
The event was moderated by Hajer Sharief from the NGO Together We Build It. 
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