Delegation of the European Union to the Kyrgyz Republic

Budget Support

20/07/2020 - 09:42

European Union mainly provides budget support to education and social protection sectors.

Education sector reform

The objective of the Programme is to contribute to an inclusive and equitable quality of education, promote lifelong learning opportunities for all and gender equality during the education process. The Programme is done through budget support, thereby creating fiscal space for support the governmental sector implementation of reform.

Main target groups - Government, educational institutions and NGOs

FileFact sheet on Education Sector Reform


Promotion of inclusive education in Kyrgyzstan


Promotion of inclusive education in Kyrgyzstan: (i) to develop and pilot new pre-service and in-service teacher training designed to address inclusive education for children with disabilities; and (ii) to promote budgetary commitments enabling to address the inclusive education.  

Main target groups - Government, Higher Education Institutions and Civil Society

FileFact sheet on Promotion of Inclusive Education


Sector reform contract: Social protection in Kyrgyzstan

The project aims to sustain poverty alleviation and promote social justice through supporting the development of an efficient social protection system in line with the country's sector policies and strategies.


Main target groups - government, local authorities, families with children, opinion makers, mass media, non-governmental organisations and civil society organizations.

FileFact sheet on social protection programme

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