Delegation of the European Union to the Kyrgyz Republic


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On the occasion of the International Day to Protect Education from Attack, the EU reaffirms its commitment to promote and protect the right of every child to grow in a safe environment, have access to quality education, and build a better and more peaceful future.

Ensuring access to technology-enabled literacy learning opportunities is central to a human-centred recovery from the COVID-19 crisis

The European Union and the Kyrgyz Republic held their eleventh round of the annual Human Rights Dialogue on 6 September in Brussels.

The open and constructive discussion covered a broad range of issues. The parties discussed developments related to the human rights situation in the Kyrgyz Republic, in particular in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as specific issues such as freedom of expression and freedom of the media, freedom of association, peaceful assembly and good governance. 


Европейский Союз (ЕС) и Кыргызская Республика провели 11-й раунд ежегодного Диалога по правам человека 6 сентября в Брюсселе.


Mentre il mondo continua a rispondere agli effetti della pandemia mondiale, i diritti umani di molti che hanno convinzioni religiose, umanistiche e/o ateiste sono sempre più minacciati. In occasione della Giornata internazionale di commemorazione delle vittime di atti di violenza basati sulla religione o sul credo, l'UE esprime la sua solidarietà con tutte le vittime di persecuzioni, ovunque si trovino.

En un mundo que sigue respondiendo a los efectos de la pandemia global, cada vez se ven más amenazados los derechos humanos de muchas personas que adhieren a una religión o tienen creencias humanistas o ateas. En el Día Internacional de Conmemoración de las Víctimas de Actos de Violencia motivados por la Religión o las Creencias, la UE se solidariza con todas las víctimas de persecución, dondequiera que se encuentren.

Alors que le monde lutte toujours contre les effets de la pandémie, les droits de l’homme de nombreux citoyens qui ont une religion ou des convictions humanistes et/ou athées sont de plus en plus menacés. En cette Journée internationale de commémoration des personnes victimes de violences en raison de leur religion ou de leurs convictions, l’UE exprime sa solidarité avec toutes les victimes de persécutions, où qu’elles se trouvent.

In einer Zeit, in der die Welt weiterhin mit den Auswirkungen der Pandemie zu kämpfen hat, sind die Grundrechte vieler Menschen, die einer Religion angehören, und vieler Menschen mit humanistischer oder atheistischer Weltanschauung zunehmend bedroht. An diesem Internationalen Tag des Gedenkens an die Opfer von Gewalthandlungen aufgrund der Religion oder der Weltanschauung steht die EU solidarisch an der Seite aller Opfer von Verfolgung, wo immer sie sich befinden.

As the world still responds to the effects of the global pandemic, the human rights of many who have a religion or hold humanistic and/or atheistic beliefs are increasingly threatened. On the International Day Commemorating the Victims of Acts of Violence based on Religion or Belief, the EU stands in solidarity with all victims of persecution, wherever they may be.