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UK-based researchers top league of European Research Council funding

14/01/2021 - 14:59
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Thirty UK-based researchers received funding in 2020 under the European Research Council (ERC) Proof of Concept scheme – the highest number among the countries from which applications were received. These grants support bringing to market research ideas which are in their early stages of development.

Photo by Caroline Hancox, University of Cambridge

Eight UK-based projects were successful in the last 2020 round of results announced in January. One of the projects, SolReGen based in the University of Cambridge – looks into technologies which use sunlight to transform biomass, plastics and waste into hydrogen for energy production. Another – SmellHealt led by OWidgets Ltd and supported by University College London – explores technologies that could potentially help health professionals train people who have lost the sense of smell.

The Proof of Concept grants, worth up to €150,000 each, can be used to explore business opportunities, prepare patent applications or verify the practical viability of scientific concepts. Overall, 166 projects received this type of funding in 2020. The total budget for the entire Proof of Concept scheme is €25 million.

Among the projects based in other countries which received funding in this latest round, are a team working on a new low-cost COVID test and another one that is developing new treatments for blindness.

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