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Press Release on the occasion of the signature of the IPA 2018 Financing Agreement

Tirana, Albania, 13/09/2019 - 13:58, UNIQUE ID: 190913_8
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The European Union provides EUR 94 million to support Albania's accession process and confirms its position as the first donor to Albania



Today, the European Union, represented by EU Ambassador Luigi Soreca, and Albania, represented by Deputy Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, signed the IPA 2018 Financing Agreement.


During the signature, Ambassador Soreca stated: "The EU is proud to be the first donor in Albania. This support has one goal and one reason: to help Albania become a full member of the European Union family. The agreement we are signing today mirrors our key priorities: justice reform and the fight against organised crime and corruption are and will remain at the heart of our partnership with Albania. But environmental protection and water management will also be heavily supported by the new programme."


The IPA 2018 programme contains two actions in the sector of rule of law and fundamental rights. Their objectives are to create an effective and efficient law enforcement system, which is able to produce a credible track-record in fighting organised crime and to support the creation of an accountable, independent and efficient justice system, aligned to EU legislation and best practices.


  1. The EUR 19 million action of EU for Rule of Law - Fighting organised crime and drugs will contribute to an effective and efficient law enforcement system to fight organised crime and drugs trafficking and will support socio economic development in affected communities. It aims at improving the capacity of the Albanian State Police and the General Prosecutor Office and relevant agencies tackling organised crime, including drug trafficking and cannabis cultivation, support financial investigations and confiscations; effective management of green borders and blue borders; strengthening the Security Academy, improving the capacity of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection and the Institute of Health to analyse drug use. It will support selected municipalities to deliver services and alternative livelihoods to communities vulnerable to cannabis cultivation and trafficking.


  1. The EU for Justice Reform of EUR 42 million action aims to contribute to strengthening the independence, transparency, efficiency, accountability and public trust in the Albanian justice system in accordance with European standards, and will enhance the protection of human rights in the penitentiary system. This amount includes an envelope of EUR 34 million which is made available specifically to contribute to the budget of Albania upon results of the implementation of the justice strategy are achieved. This includes improvements in the institutional framework and the operational efficiency of the judicial system, to consolidate the legal education and to improve the specialisation of magistrates and court personnel, increasing the efficiency of the criminal justice system and of the anti-corruption measures; improving the functioning of the justice system by using modernised procedures, IT systems and electronic equipment.


The action EU for a cleaner environment of EUR 24.1 million will provide support for wastewater treatment. It aims to enhance water quality and thus it will contribute to economic, social, environmental and territorial development, and will increase tourism attractiveness. This will reinforce municipal wastewater infrastructure and improve the operation of water utilities – for better services to citizens and less pollution of nature. The action will support progressive alignment with the Union acquis and also contributes to achieving the objectives of the National Strategy for Development and Integration related to Water for people.


The EUR 6 million action of EU for Economic Development - Tourism-led local economic development with focus on cultural heritage aims at increasing the contribution of sustainable and responsible tourism to Albania’s economic growth, thus regenerating local economic fabric and urban environment by the rehabilitation of Byllis as a unique site of Albanian, and European, cultural heritage.


Last but not least the EUR 3 million will facilitate and enable the participation of Albanian institutions in the Union Programmes and Agencies such as Customs 2020, Fiscalis 2020, - Programme for Employment and Social Innovation, Erasmus + , COSME, Creative Europe, Sub-Programme Culture and Media, Europe for citizens, Horizon 2020, Justice, EU Fundamental Rights Agency.



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