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EU supports crisis-affected rural communities in Yemen to build the resilience of the agricultural and livestock sector

16/06/2019 - 13:48
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As part of the joint programme Enhanced Rural Resilience (ERRY), the European Union and its implementing partner the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) support rural Yemeni communities in improving their agricultural and livestock sector. Through various activities, the programme broadly contributes to mitigating the impact of the conflict and strengthens the self-reliance and resilience of local communities in Yemen.

EU FAO joint work in Yemen

The on-going conflict in Yemen continues to claim lives, limit livelihood opportunities, exacerbate food insecurity and expose the already vulnerable in the society. Businesses and whole industries have collapsed, leaving parts of the Yemeni population without incomes and increasing their vulnerability to poverty and malnutrition. The conflict has further had a detrimental impact on agriculture and livestock, affecting farmers and dairy holders in rural areas of Yemen. To address these issues, the EU-funded ERRY programme in cooperation with FAO has set a special focus on improving the quality of seeds and animal feeding techniques, increasing not only the self-reliance of farmers and dairy holders but also creating livelihoods and incomes to counter economic insecurity. Milk production has increased by 5 to 10% and in combination with the distribution of small dairy equipment, the dairy production efficiency and quality are rising.


These improvements have empowered rural communities to become more independent and capable of managing risks and shocks linked to the conflict. The emphasis on anticipation, prevention and preparedness makes an important contribution to the EU's Strategic Approach to Resilience and the realization of the humanitarian-development nexus in fragile contexts. The EU is dedicated to support vulnerable groups, particularly women, youth and children in the context of on-going hostilities. In this regard, the positive increase in dairy production has benefitted female farmers, dairy producers and women-headed households as well as children through improving their diet. The EU stands with the people of Yemen and has made the promotion, realization and protection of the human rights of Yemenis one of its priorities in the country. As such, ERRY programme concretely contributes to advancing the right to adequate health and improving the well-being of crisis-affected Yemeni communities.



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