Delegation of the European Union to the Kyrgyz Republic

EU Delegation to the Kyrgyz Republic

12/05/2016 - 11:50
About us - structure and organisation

The EU Delegation to the Kyrgyz Republic - what it does, what it hopes to achieve and its staff.

The EU Delegation to the Kyrgyz Republic has a number of important objectives including:

  • representing the EU in the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • enhancing political, economic, trade and external assistance cooperation;
  • implementing EU policies in all sectors;
  • promoting and defending EU values and interests;
  • improving awareness and understanding of the EU across the country.


Dear Guest,

Welcome to the website of the European Union's Delegation to the Kyrgyz Republic! Our Delegation officially represents the EU in Kyrgyzstan and is actively engaged in dialogue with the authorities and society.

Here you will find a source of information on the EU in general, on its relations with the Kyrgyz Republic and on our Delegation work in particular. This website provides also useful information on contract tenders, funding opportunities, and scholarships to study in Europe (Erasmus +).

The EU and Kyrgyzstan established relations soon after the Kyrgyz independence proclamation in 1991. From the outset of this relationship, the EU has supported Kyrgyzstan in its reform efforts. Sharing core values such as democracy, respect for human rights and free trade, Kyrgyzstan has become a valuable partner in Central Asia.  

Over the years, the EU has expanded its cooperation with Kyrgyzstan to a wide range of areas: political dialogue, human rights and the rule of law, trade and economic development, strengthening of civil society and not the least in culture and public diplomacy. The EU has assigned a budget of €174 million for the period 2014-2020 for financing bilateral development cooperation programmes in the area of Rule of Law, education and integrated rural development. The EU is also supporting investment in Kyrgyzstan, through the Investment Facility for Central Asia. Kyrgyzstan is the biggest beneficiary in Central Asia of EU support to investments in water, waste, energy efficiency, SME development. You can find more information about these subjects on this website.   

The EU is also supporting the Kyrgyz Republic and it's Central Asian neighbours by implementing regional projects in several areas including education, border management and the fight against drugs as well as environment. The various EU bilateral and regional projects in the country are coordinated with EU Member States and Financial Institutions, such as the EIB and the EBRD.

In recognising the developed nature of our relations, the EU and Kyrgyzstan have embarked on an ambitious task to negotiate a new Enhanced Partnership and Cooperation Agreement.

Starting my mission in Kyrgyzstan in September 2018, I hope to further advance this excellent and reliable relationship. I also look forward to knowing more about the people, history and cultural riches of Kyrgyzstan, once an important part of the silk road connecting Asia and Europe. I strongly believe that this country and its people have a great potential. I will do my best to facilitate this in my current role.    

I invite you to visit this website regularly to learn more about the EU and about its relations with Kyrgyzstan. Please feel free to contact us with any comment or question. In addition to exploring this website, you may also visit and sign up to our Facebook and my Twitter accounts for instant news updates and useful events information.

Thank you for your interest in visiting our website.

With sincere greetings,

Eduard Auer,

Ambassador, Head of the EU Delegation to the Kyrgyz Republic

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