Delegation of the European Union to the State of Kuwait and the State of Qatar

Statement on behalf of the European Union and its 27 Member States CFS 49th Session (11-14 October 2021)

Rome, 27/10/2021 - 18:22, UNIQUE ID: 211027_10
Statements on behalf of the EU

Item 4: The UN Food Systems Summit and its implications for the CFS

Madam/Mr Chair,


  1. I am honoured to speak on behalf of the European Union and its 27 Member States.
  2. The UN Food Systems Summit strongly emphasised, at the highest political level, the importance of the transition to sustainable food systems for healthy diets, in order to achieve SDG 2 and other related SDGs.
  3. The follow-up to the Summit will be essential to maintain the momentum created by its 18- month preparatory process, the Pre-Summit in Rome and the actual Summit in New York, and to further build on the outcomes. We underline the importance of closely linking the results of the Summit to the 2030 Agenda process, including the HLPF.
  4. We recall the leading role given to the three Rome-based agencies, together with the CFS and its HLPE, in the follow-up to the Summit, in close collaboration with other relevant international organisations, in particular the WHO, UNDP and UNEP, as well as international financial institutions.
  5. The mandate of the CFS, focused on food security and nutrition as well as SDG 2, has led the CFS and its HLPE to address the many dimensions relating to food systems, such as health, climate change, biodiversity, gender equality and women’s empowerment, and socio-economic aspects.
  6. This broad mandate and the specific set-up of the CFS as the foremost inclusive platform for matters of food security and nutrition makes the CFS a particularly suitable forum to discuss the follow-up to the Food Systems Summit. In this regard, it is critically important to seek through an open and inclusive debate the views of all CFS members and stakeholders as to how the CFS and the HLPE can best play their role in the Summit follow-up process. To that effect, a suitable arrangement should be put in place to continue that discussion after this week’s CFS plenary session, e.g. an open-ended working group or any other format that can be up and running quickly and deliver concrete recommendations within a short time. .
  7. We also believe that, in order for the CFS to be closely involved in the Summit follow-up process, it should participate in the work of the RBA Food Systems Coordination Hub and the Steering Group. This could be achieved in various ways: participation of the CFS Secretary in the Coordination Hub; progress reports by the Hub to each of the CFS Bureau and Advisory Group meetings; reporting to the CFS plenary; and participation of the CFS chair in the Steering Group.
  8. As regards the particular role of the HLPE, we believe that the HLPE should be closely involved in the follow-up. Recalling the importance to ensure strong science-policy interfaces to enable fully informed policy decisions on food systems, we also believe that the HLPE, in cooperation with other relevant bodies, could explore options to strengthen its role. Lastly, we would recommend that the HLPE could also enhance its foresight role and improve the reach and impact of its publications.
  9. Finally, the EU and its MS would like to call for enhanced efforts by the CFS and its stakeholders to increase global awareness and use of all CFS Voluntary Guidelines and Policy Recommendations to further guide progress towards the achievement of the SDGs. The CFS must ensure that it continues to improve its impact in tandem with the momentum created by the FSS.

Thank you, Madam/Mr Chair.