Delegation of the European Union to the State of Kuwait and the State of Qatar

HRC 48 - Enhanced ID on the report of the HC on the Sudan - EU Intervention

Geneva, 06/10/2021 - 16:50, UNIQUE ID: 211006_14
Statements on behalf of the EU

Thank you, Madam President,

We thank the High Commissioner for the report on the situation in Sudan and for the work of the OHCHR field presence in Sudan.

The EU remains a strong supporter of the ongoing transition in Sudan towards peace, democracy and the protection of human rights.

The EU commends the Government of Sudan for reforms that have had a positive impact on fundamental freedoms, non-discrimination and the rule of law, such as the establishment of the Advisory Committee for Media Reform. At the same time, the report highlights challenges that remain, including restrictions on the media, harassment of journalists and human rights defenders, limitations of political participation and civic space as well as challenges to the protection and empowerment of women and girls, and shows that important issues remain to be tackled in the transition process.

We urge the authorities to immediately take the necessary steps in order to improve the humanitarian and protection situation, including access to water and other resources in Darfur and other regions. We call upon Sudan to fully implement the Juba Peace agreement and the national plan for the protection of civilians. Furthermore, we urge Sudan to put in place concrete measures in order to end impunity and to ensure accountability of perpetrators of human rights violations and abuses, including through the establishment and operationalisation of the transitional justice provisions of the Constitutional Charter and Juba Peace Agreement and close cooperation with the ICC. We commend steps taken by the authorities towards acceding to the Rome Statute and the transfer of Mr. Al-Bashir to the ICC and through providing follow-up to the report of the National Independent Investigation Committee on the events of 3 June 2019 in order to make its findings public. We urge the authorities to complete these processes as an important step towards accountability.

We encourage Sudan to continue to cooperate with OHCHR in the interest of ensuring further progress on the human rights situation in Sudan.

[TBC Madam Foreign Minister], dear panelists,

Today marks for now the last time that the council is having a dedicated dialogue on Sudan. Much has been achieved. Yet, we have to ensure progress on human rights, including civil and political rights, beyond today’s discussion. How can we best sustain and support efforts to promote and protect human rights in the future?

Thank you.

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