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"Today, I have appointed Mr. Jean Paul Jacqué as independent expert to review EULEX Kosovo mandate implementation with a focus on the handling of the corruption allegations. Mr. Jacqué is a distinguished law professor with over 40 years of experience. In addition, his tenure as Director at the Council legal services offers him a unique expertise and perspective to review these allegations. I have asked Mr. Jacqué to revert to me within 4 months with his report and his recommendations.


"The working group on liaison arrangements met today in Brussels and agreed on the arrangements and specific modalities for official visits exchanged between the two parties.  As of 1 December 2014, the Liaison Officers deployed in Pristina and Belgrade will take over the direct handling of official visits, in the framework of further progress in the normalisation of relations."


"Le  groupe de travail sur le dispositif de liaison s'est réuni ce jour à Bruxelles et est parvenu à un accord sur le dispositif et les modalités spécifiques applicables aux visites officielles entre les deux parties. À partir du 1er décembre 2014, les officiers de liaison déployés à Pristina et à Belgrade prendront en charge la gestion directe des visites officielles, dans le cadre de nouveaux progrès dans la normalisation des relations."


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