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The European Union (EU) and the Council of Europe firmly oppose the death penalty at all times and in all circumstances. The death penalty is a cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment contrary to the right to life. The death penalty means revenge, not justice, and its abolition contributes to the enhancement of human dignity.

The 3rd meeting of the Stabilisation and Association Committee between the European Union and Kosovo took place in Brussels on 8 October 2019.  The meeting was co-chaired by Ms.


Peaceful and orderly early legislative elections took place in Kosovo on 6 October 2019. The European Union looks forward to the formation of a new government as soon as the relevant procedures are completed.


Ambassador Apostolova spoked with Kosovo's Language Commissioner Slavisa Mladenovic about the use of the Law on Official Languages

The EU and UNICEF launch a global campaign on the social media platform Tik Tok to empower children and encourage them to speak up.

Statement by Heads of EU Mission in Kosovo on early parliamentary elections, 6 October 2019


Improving labour market access of disadvantaged groups through social enterprises and active labour market measures