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The European Commission approves financial envelopes of over 138 million euros for Kosovo

Pristina, 09/09/2020 - 14:33, UNIQUE ID: 200909_2
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The European Commission has adopted over EUR 138 million in assistance for Kosovo through the IPA 2019 and IPA 2020 programmes for Kosovo and the respective Financing Agreements have been signed by both parties.

Out of this amount, EUR 50 million has been re-programmed to tackle the social and economic fallout of the ongoing COVID 19 crisis in the short and medium term. The following sectors will be supported: Democracy and Governance (EU Approximation), Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights, Environment, Climate Action and Energy, Competitiveness, Innovation and Agriculture and Rural Development and Education, Employment and Social Policies.

The EU is now waiting for the ratification of these agreements by Kosovo institutions in order to launch the implementation.

The Head of the EU Office in Kosovo/EU Special Representative, Tomas Szunyog, welcomed the signature of the IPA 2019 part II and 2020 Annual Action Programmes for Kosovo.

"The EU has worked hard to re-programme a large part of our assistance to meet the needs of the people in Kosovo who have been affected by COVID-19. Our support will strengthen social protection, support small businesses and help stabilise public finances. I call on the Kosovo institutions to now ratify these programmes as soon as possible", said Szunyog.

Through these programmes, the European Commission will support start-ups and micro businesses, job creation and employment of youth and women, quality of higher education, social protection and basic needs of families in poverty or without income, and cultural heritage and cultural tourism. It will also support Kosovo in preventing environmental land and air degradation and the negative impact on human health by reducing solid waste pollution and emissions from the production of energy.



The Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA II) is the main financial instrument to provide EU support to the Western Balkans and Turkey as the beneficiaries listed in Annex I of the IPA II regulation (OJ L 77, 15.03.2014) in implementing reforms. The support goes towards measures aiming at adopting and implementing the political, institutional, legal, administrative, social and economic reforms required to comply with the Union’s values and to align progressively with the Union’s rules, standards, policies and practices, with a view to Union membership and will contribute to the stability, security and prosperity of the beneficiaries. IPA II focuses on specific objectives, such as support for political reform and economic, social and territorial development; efforts to strengthen the ability of the beneficiaries to fulfil the obligations stemming from European Union membership; and work on strengthening regional integration and territorial cooperation..

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