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Remarks of the Deputy Head of the EU Delegation Monika Bylaite at the Faculty of Law graduation event

Tirana, Albania, 13/11/2019 - 20:34, UNIQUE ID: 191114_11

Dear Ministers, Dear Chairs, honourable professors, colleagues, and, most importantly,

Dear graduates,

I would like to start with big congratulations to all of you who must feel a clear sense of achievement today. And rightly so. Be proud! Of yourself, your family and all those that invested and trusted so much in you!

You have finished a very important chapter. And today we are welcoming you into your new life: the professional life, which will be full of ambitions, struggles, dreams, sometimes disappointments, but also many rewards.

Graduation days are always festive and emotional and I am sure you won't miss the chance to celebrate this well tonight! So I will not spend much time and stand between you and the hat throwing ceremony-that is more entertaining.

But let me just say that standing here today and congratulating you on behalf of the European Union gives me enormous happiness! You know very well that the European Union strongly supports the ongoing reform of the Albanian justice system. And what I want to say today, for you to take with you, is that you are this Reform! You are the change, you are the growth, all that shapes and represents the future Albania!

And it is you who will be making the essential contribution for bringing Albania into the European Union, celebrating, I very strongly believe, the membership of your country in the EU.

Needless to say, you are starting your careers at a very special moment of time! You start it precisely when your Constitutional law book has slightly changed, or better: changed quite a lot! These changes have created more possibilities, more hopes and hopefully a better future for all of you and all of Albanians!

While the basis of your new path has been set out for you through your studies and now degrees, there is much that you will have to fight for, throughout all the years of your career!

First and foremost, you will have to fight for professionalism and for integrity, with temptation being always next door.

In that regard, it will not only your public appearances and stances that will make the difference, it will be the decisions that you will make when nobody will be watching you. We witness now every day individuals that had felt untouchable facing justice for smaller or bigger sceletons in what they thought were well secured closets.

Do start your career aiming to be a role model; an inspiration that those coming after you will look at and dare to think and dream to become like you.

So do not hesitate to believe and inspire others with your beliefs! Do not hesitate to dream and inspire all your peers with your dreams. It is you who will be writing the new pages of your own and also your country's history. These pages are in front of you, waiting to be filled, and filled with truly inspiring stories. 

Again, congratulations, congratulation to you and your families. And always remember the main reason why you are choosing this profession!

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