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EUAM Iraq advisers met with MoI officials in Erbil

30/06/2019 - 18:09
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EUAM Iraq conducted a field trip in Erbil on 24-25 June. The team met the local Head of the Coalitions Ministerial Liaison Team (MLT) based in Erbil Colonel Walter Iorio. Colonel Iorio shared information on the projects of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) that EUAM Iraq could consider engaging with in the future mandate. He also briefed on the political and operational challenges facing civilian policing in the region. Colonel Iorio highlighted the importance of cooperating closely with the Kurdistan region of Iraq now that the new President has sworn in and there is eagerness for a new positive change in the region.


The Mission also met with the Deputy Minister of the MoI in Kurdistan region of Iraq, General Director of the Diwan, Doctor Sami Jalal. EUAM Iraq handed over the Head of Mission’s official response letter in respect of the MoI’s request for strategic support on people trafficking, money laundering and domestic abuse in the region.


The MoI is eager to receive strategic advice from EUAM Iraq as its progresses its own reform and aims at improving security and policing in the region. The Moi has recently established new directorates to tackle organised crime, including combating human trafficking and money laundering.


EUAM Iraq advisers also held meetings with senior officers from the MoI’s directorates such as planning, quality management, combating human trafficking, money laundering, security administration, IT development Institute and media and public relations to discuss strategic leadership and planning in the MoI.


EUAM Iraq has agreed to assess the possibility of organising a strategic planning seminar in Erbil in the coming autumn in line with those conducted in Baghdad.


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