European Union Office in Kosovo 
European Union Special Representative in Kosovo

Statement by the Head of EU Office/EUSR and Heads of EU missions in Kosovo

Pristina, 15/02/2019 - 14:32, UNIQUE ID: 190215_5
Joint Statements

"The Head of the European Union Office/EU Special Representative and Heads of EU missions in Kosovo reiterate their continuing concern over the imposition of 100% tariff on goods from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

As stated on many occasions already, this is a clear violation of the Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA), it runs contrary to the spirit of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement and impacts negatively on regional cooperation.

The EU is Kosovo's largest donor, investment and trade partner. Tariff and non-tariff barriers to free trade, whether imposed by Kosovo or any of its neighbours, hinder the region’s path towards a competitive market economy and make it less attractive as a place to invest.

The imposition of the tariffs has impacted negatively upon the Dialogue process with Serbia. The lifting of the tariffs would enable an early resumption of this Dialogue. A successful Dialogue that leads to a comprehensive and sustainable agreement will contribute to the stability of Kosovo and the whole region.

We are aware that the success of the Dialogue depends on both sides avoiding unhelpful actions and we recall that the EU has urged both sides to act accordingly; it is in this spirit that we call upon the government of Kosovo to articulate clearly the concrete steps it will take to enable the tariffs to be suspended, so regional cooperation can move forward. We also urge the Government to seriously consider the EU Commission´s offer to assist in removing non-tariff barriers that Kosovo exports are facing in the region.”

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