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EU and USAID sign Letter of Agreement

14/02/2019 - 15:27
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The Letter of Agreement includes the division of labor in certain areas of rule of law

Today, the Head of the European Union (EU) Cooperation Section, Luigi Brusa, and USAID Mission Director, Lisa Magno, signed a Letter of Agreement. This Letter of Agreement commits cooperation regarding financial assistance programmes to strengthen the rule of law in Kosovo. 

The Letter of Agreement includes the division of labor in certain areas of rule of law. Specifically for the EU this includes work on infrastructure, prosecution offices, notaries, and bankruptcy administrators, and for USAID, this includes work with the courts, private enforcement agents, mediators, and commercial justice.

Luigi Brusa said the Agreement contains concrete measures, principles and also proposes a division of labour in some areas. "We - USAID and EU, representing the biggest donors in the justice sector - are committed to step up our effort to harmonise assistance and coordinate better not only during implementation but also during planning of future assistance", said Brusa. He stressed the EU would continue to work on making this Letter of Agreement a reality and EU assistance to Kosovo even more efficient.

Lisa Magno noted in her remarks, “It’s absolutely essential that USAID and the EU, as the two largest donors in Kosovo, not only coordinate our work in this critical area, but speak with a common voice and follow the same guiding principles for meaningful results. Through strategic engagement and joint planning, we can also multiply the impact of our assistance resources.”

The Letter of Agreement calls for the establishment of a steering committee to review joint EU-USAID activity results with the Government of Kosovo and other justice stakeholders; it also calls for the inclusion of joint work-planning sessions within EU-USAID rule-of-law tenders.

The Letter of Agreement:

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