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Consultations with Civil Society Organisations in 2021

15/01/2021 - 13:15
Voices and views


Are you a civil society activist and interested to join the EU Office consultations on different EU-Kosovo related topics? Here is the CALENDAR 2021 for consultations on Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA), IPA Programmes, etc. Join us!

Indicative date


IPA Programmes

Progress Report

Second week of February


consultation meeting on Strategic Response prepared by Kosovo institutions for IPA III assistance/ projects submitted for IPA 2021 and 2022


Last week of January


consultation in view of SAA SC on Internal Market and Competition (3 February)




First week of February

Consultations prior to the SAA Subcommittee (SC) Meeting on Innovation, Information Society and Social Policy (10 February)




11- 12 February

Consultation on 2021 EC Economic Reform Programme 2021-2023 assessment mission



Second Week of March

Consultation prior to the SAA Subcommittee Meeting on Transport, Environment, Energy and Regional Development (16 March)



Last week of March


2nd consultation meeting on IPA CSF and Media Programme 2021-23


Week of 17 May

Consultations prior to the SAA Subcommittee on Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry and Food Safety (20 May)



Last week of May

CSO consultation in view of the Public Administration Reform Special Group (2-3 June TBC) and Public Finance Management Dialogue




First week of June

Consultations prior to the SAA Subcommittee on Justice, Freedom and Security (9-10 June)



Second week of June 

CSO consultation in view of SAA SC on Trade, Industry, SMEs, Customs and Taxation (17 June)




Second week of July


IPA III information meeting on programming 2023 and beyond


Second week of  September

CSO consultation in view of SAA SC Economic, Financial Issues and Statistics (16 September)





Consultation on ERP 2022-2024 cycle



nb: dates are indicative and may change. Precise date will be communicated through the civil society Resource Centre at least one week before the meeting.  The civil society Resource Centre (  ) supports the organisation of consultations.