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EU – Kosovo join efforts for effective waste management

02/11/2018 - 14:41

Participants presented ideas on how to improve the unpleasant situation regarding the waste pollution in Kosovo.

With the engagement of the EU, the Kosovo citizens and government the problems in Kosovo regarding waste pollution can be solved. This was a conclusion of the debate on "effective waste management and recycling solutions in Kosovo", organised as part of the Environment campaign #GIVEGREENACHANCE conducted by the EU Office.

Participants presented ideas on how to improve the unpleasant situation regarding the waste pollution in Kosovo. Some presented the best practices which are already conducted by the EU member states. Another innovative solution for the challenges Kosovo faces was the newly introduced platform ShowGreen, also called "KallxoGjelber". This online solution is developed by Open Data and the NGO "Let's do it Kosova", funded by the European Union. This platform will help citizens to report illegal dumping sides across all municipalities in Kosovo, and therefore promote civic activism and smart cooperation with local authorities.

The platform is a perfect example of an innovative solution to a nationwide problem, and is exactly what "Let's do it Kosova" tries to establish. Through their campaigns they engage with local and central government towards the establishment of new environment rules and start the national debate on the importance of waste pollution and other important topics around the environment.  

Libor CHLAD, Deputy Head of Cooperation, EU Office in Kosovo/EUSR, called for moving from talks to actions. "This must be possible, since environment is highly placed on the EU agenda, and the EU will continue to support Kosovo in this area both with financial aid and strategic advice," said Libor Chlad. But Kosovo still faces many obstacles. It needs to establish a circular economy and focus on reducing and recycling waste. Until then the evolvement of the people is essential. But nowadays the people are getting more and more active, which according to Libor Chlad is a very positive development.  

A perfect example of civilian evolvement in the fight against waste pollution was presented by Arineta Mula, Alpinist, runner and EU Champion of the Environment Campaign. She started her own movement against the waste problem in Kosovo. During her many hike trips, she began to collect the waste that was polluting the Kosovo mountains. Through her social media account on Instagram, #arineta_mula, the movement became more and more popular and many people joined here campaign.

The participants tackled the problem of waste pollution from different angles, and concluded that Kosovo still has a long way to go in solving the issue and get in line with the EU standards. But with the continuous joint involvement and investment of the EU, the Kosovo Government, and civil society, it can be done.

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